Eight Engines is a one stop shop when it comes to film production, we have a long history of producing world class commercials,  documentaries, live events films, promotional films, theatrical video design, TV dramas, and animations. We offer a full range of services and our highly accomplished team can assist with anything and everything your project may require.


The team at Eight Engines have worked as filmmakers, cameramen and editors their whole careers and this is shown by our solid project management and structured delivery processes. This experience allows us firstly, knowledge of the sector and how it operates, secondly new technologies that improve account management processes and finally robust tried and tested solutions that make our client’s lives easier. We've built our business on the following set of core values:

• Focused customer care & satisfaction
• Positive attitudes
• An emphasis on creativity
• Teamwork, both internally and externally with our clients
• Hire exceptional Talent
• Proactive approach
• Solid and open communication


We understand we need to adapt our working style to suit the needs of our clients; we don’t expect one style to suit every project, however as a rough outline this is what you can expect from an Eight Engines project.

Get In Touch

send us an email or give us a call and one of our friendly producers will get back in touch with you within 24 hours for a no obligation discussion about your project.

At this stage we can give you general advice on:

  • Shooting schedules
  • Creative approach
  • Budgetary options
  • Any general film-making questions you may have.

0161 773 2060

Project Discovery Meeting

If you decide to go ahead we can arrange a Project Discovery meeting, laying the foundations for success and allowing everyone involved in the project to build a strong and collective understanding of what is required.

During this meeting we can discuss:

  • The creative direction of the project
  • Characters, locations & events that need to be included
  • Logistics
  • Schedules, mile stones & deadlines

Production Documents

From the project discovery meeting we will provide you with a document which outlines every aspect of the project.

We'll provide you with a dossier of documents for your approval containing:

  • A fully broken down budget, detailing all of the costs for the project
  • A creative brief outlining the aims of the film
  • A shooting schedule 
  • A deliverable sheet listing all of technical details of the content we will be providing

Once you have agreed have signed off on the Project Documents it's time for the fun part - the film making!

Every project requires a unique approach to production so it is impossible to write a method for this section. 

How much involvement you have in the shoot entirely depends on you. Our standard approach is to act entirely self sufficiently, managing the whole process in-house however we always welcome clients to join us on set if you would like to advice on content, assist with interviews, or just to watch to proceedings. 

Roll Cameras


Once we have finished the shoot we can commence the edit 



Lessons Learnt