Eight Engines

A Manchester-based video production agency

A video production team working on set.

A video production agency based in Manchester

We’re Eight Engines. An innovative video production company in the heart of Manchester that lives to tell stories.

Originally founded as a TV production company producing award-winning TV dramas for the BBC, from 2017 we began expanding into the marketing world, producing content for clients ranging from huge household names through to SMEs, always bringing the same commitment to quality and world-class storytelling.

Today Eight Engines is a multi-disciplinary agency, creating attention-grabbing TV adverts, jaw-dropping digital campaigns, world-class live streams, award-winning broadcast television, and show-stopping event films.

We like to think we’re Manchester’s leading video production company and our growing client list agrees. We’d love you to join them.

What makes us different?

Making world-class video production affordable

Our background is in producing award-winning TV and films and we have an impressive track record. Our broadcast projects have won three Royal Television Society Awards, been nominated for Broadcast Awards and seen our films open festivals around the world.

Our reputation within the world of TV is for producing world class content for a fraction of traditional TV budgets. We keep this ethos of producing top quality, affordable filmmaking for every project we’re involved in.  

We use the same team as our broadcast projects on everything we produce, so you’re guaranteed the same degree of vision and level of expertise as is featured in our flagship work.

Maximising the impact of your investment

It's all well and good producing a beautiful film, but if it sits on YouTube and only gets 200 views it isn’t functioning as a great tool for your organisation.

For every project we produce we work with you to outline how to maximise the investment you have made. We can work with you to analyse your online presence and create a video strategy to ensure your film gets seen by as many people as possible. Visibility and accessibility are a key part of the Eight Engines approach.

A strong focus on value for money

We don’t look at our work as simply producing a video, we look at it as producing a complete video campaign. We want to come away from a project with a main video and several smaller pieces of video content that can be used as part of a campaign to drive traffic to your film and further maximise its impact. The best part about this is we can do it alongside filming a core video so there are no steep cost increases.

Video Production Setup

Why choose Eight Engines?


Boasting a range a of creative backgrounds, our team is bursting with ideas, insights and inspiration which they can bring to your project. We will tell your story in an engaging way in line with your goals.


Our background in broadcast projects means we have a depth of experience that other production teams can’t compete with. We make that experience available for your business to create an industry-standard production.


Have a challenging brief with a tight timescale? No problem. We’re flexible in how we work and can spring into action whenever you need us. Our team is always ready to meet your changing requirements.


The team at Eight Engines contains a vast array of talent and specialty skills. We’ve assembled a multi-disciplinary team that collectively offers an unparalleled service to our clients in Manchester and beyond.

Keep your rights

Unlike other production companies our clients retain all the rights to the material we produce for them. This means they can use it in any way they see fit, including monetising their content, without reference to Eight Engines.

A collaborative approach

At Eight Engines, we thrive on collaboration. Whether you wish to be intimately involved with the entire production process or would prefer a hands-off approach, we make it happen. We don’t just accommodate the desires of our clients; we structure our entire production approach around them.

Like what you hear?

At Eight Engines, we like to think that we’re Manchester’s leading video production company, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out what some of our previous clients have to say.

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