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Events Video Production

Events Video Production

Professional events video production in Manchester will help to capture your event in the best possible way. Whether you want to highlight your conference, create a video of your launch party or bring to life your awards ceremony, a professional video will record the event for posterity and enable you to showcase your uniqueness. At Eight Engines, we capture what makes each event distinctive, giving a platform to your people and products.

Event videos might seem like an optional extra, but they bring with them a range of benefits for your business.


Help you deliver key messages

Event videos feature lots of action, colour and movement. Their fast pace means that a number of key messages can be presented in a short amount of time without the need for hard sell.

Increase the reach of your event

Due to issues of capacity, time, cost and geography events will always have limited reach. Professional video production can radically increase the overall reach of your event allowing you to share what happened across your social media channels.

Improve your brand image

Events video gives you the opportunity to showcase what’s great about your business and your brand. It shows your business at its best and can reach a wider audience.

Customers love event videos

People like to feel that the brands they’re interacting with are creating a buzz. An events video allows you to showcase the excitement and energy around your business or industry, giving people all the reasons they need to get engaged.

Can help to position your company in the market

Event videos can help you strengthen your brand identity, take a better hold of your niche and position your company against its competitors. It lets you celebrate what’s unique and different about your business.

Give you material to promote your next event

Want to get people excited about your upcoming event, increase your ticket sales and take things to the next level? What better way to do that than through footage of your previous events.

Let your customers and clients talk about your business

Event videos allow people attending the event to talk about your business, what you offer and why they use your services. Interviews with event attendees can be powerful marketing tools for your business.

Social media loves video

These days, businesses need to have a smart social media strategy to get noticed.

Event video is one way to do that. Increasingly, the internet is becoming dominated by video, and if you’re hosting an event, video has significantly more impact than photographs.

It lets you live-stream

Distribution methods that were only available to organisations with large budgets, such as live broadcasts, is now achievable for smaller businesses. To do so effectively, you need high-quality production and technical support.


At Eight Engines, we’re passionate about the power of video. While everyone with a smartphone can create basic video content for their social media, it takes real skill and expertise to stand out. When you commission us to produce a video for your event you’re accessing world class talent and award winning expertise.

Not only can we plan and produce engaging video of your event, we can also help to ensure it gets seen through live-streaming or pre-recorded distribution.

The best way to present your event

We don’t have any set ideas about what’s best for your business. Instead, we offer a flexible approach that seeks to find the best way to present your event. We work creatively with our clients, learning more about their businesses, what each event will involve and what they hope to achieve through its staging.

Do you want to reach a potential global audience through live streaming or are you looking for edited footage that you can distribute over time? Or perhaps you’d like a combination of the two?

Whatever you prefer, we can find cost-effective and visually engaging ways to ensure the maximum impact.

Giving your event the visual edge

Eight Engines create beautiful, visually stunning and engaging products without ever forgetting the work we create has a job to do. From close-ups that capture every wrinkle of emotion, to panoramic, sweeping wide shots that allow for scale, we create a finished product that shows your event in a stunning light. There’s nothing formulaic about what we do.

You keep the rights

Unlike many of our competitors we don’t retain any rights over the finished product. Everything that we capture and produce remains your property, and your property alone. You can distribute, share and monetise your content and retain 100% of all the profits.

To find out more about events video production in Manchester, get in touch with the Eight Engines team today.

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