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If you’re planning an event and want to share your passion and excitement with a wider audience, then broadcast video is the means by which to do so. It might be as part of a broader video marketing strategy, or a means to monetise your event for people who can’t attend in person.

You might want to host a live tutorial, an exhibition opening, a store or product launch. Whatever the event, broadcast video can be a great way to engage with your customers and wider target audience.

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Frequently asked questions

Things that clients often ask us about broadcasting or live streaming.

What is a broadcast video?

Broadcast video, sometimes known as livestreaming when it’s shared live over the internet, is the act of transmitting live footage either over the internet or by some other means to an active target audience. Historically, the opportunity to broadcast live was limited to larger organisations, perhaps working hand in hand with broadcasters, it’s now much more accessible.

In the past, livestreaming broadcast video was typically carried out over a dedicated streaming platform.  The growth in social media has expanded the reach of livestreaming with live broadcasts becoming a key part of social media marketing. Streaming features are available across a growing number of platforms.

What are the types of broadcasting?

Broadcast video may be footage that’s being streamed live, or it might be a recording of a live event which is then broadcast on your social media channels. Either way, it expands the potential audience for your live event from whoever might be able to attend to every internet user on the planet.

Broadcast video might be a live event in full or edited highlights. Let supporters of your sports club see the exciting highlights of a recent game or the stand-out moments of your recent concert. You may broadcast for free as a promotional tool or you might charge people to watch. If you regularly host events in which people have an active interest you may wish to operate a subscription service. Livestreamed events can allow viewers to interact in real-time with the event from wherever they are in the world.

Whatever you choose, broadcast video, whether livestreamed or captured footage of a live event, adds immediacy to your video marketing. Broadcast videos can be more engaging for your target audience, helping them to better connect and invest in your brand.

why is broadcast production important?

If you want people to watch and keep watching your livestreaming videos or live footage broadcast video, then quality really matters. Any problems with the technical aspects of the coverage, particularly if you’re livestreaming, will quickly have your viewers heading elsewhere.

When it comes to footage of an event, knowing what to capture, where recording equipment should be positioned and having the technical skills to capture high-quality footage is all important. To create an exciting and engaging video that captures the dynamism and atmosphere of your event, the recorded material needs to be of high quality.

What are the elements of broadcast production?

Successful broadcast production doesn’t just happen. There needs to be considerable planning and preparation beforehand. This might include a site visit, an assessment of any potential difficulties or obstacles that need to be worked around, and detailed information about the event and its running order.

Capturing high-quality footage will require top-quality recording, lighting and other equipment. Working with a professional video production company gives you access to the latest equipment and skilled professionals who are accomplished at getting the best out of it.

If you are livestreaming your event, then you will need to decide which platform you are going to use. It could be directly from your website or via one of your social media channels.

If you’re creating a video of your event, then editing and post-production tasks will be needed before your release your video on your social media channels, website, in emails or via other channels.

What is the process of broadcasting?

Broadcasting will usually refer to livestreaming your event via social media or another channel. While this can be as simple as broadcasting via a mobile device directly to social media viewers, if you want to create an engaging broadcast you will require some technical understanding and a professional set-up.

Prior to your broadcast, you may wish to promote your upcoming live event via your social media channels, website and email, giving people easy instructions on how to tune in to your broadcast.

After your broadcast is over you should assess a range of analytical data such as the number of viewers, when they tuned in and when they stopped watching. Did numbers grow or decrease over time? How much engagement did your broadcast deliver?

All of this data can help inform your planning process for your next broadcast.

What are the functions of broadcasting?

Broadcasting allows you to engage with your customers and target audience in an exciting and immediate way. It brings a human touch to your video marketing, allowing people to interact and get involved with your event, tutorial or product launch.

Broadcasting helps to create a sense of community, encouraging people to become emotionally involved with your brand, products, services or events. It will also help to grow your audience and expand access to your events.

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