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How to create high-quality testimonial videos to showcase your business

How to create high-quality testimonial videos to showcase your business

A testimonial video can be a highly effective way to promote your business. They give your potential customers a new perspective on your business and introduce them to an already satisfied customer. A business testimonial video can tell a story about a particular customer’s relationship with your business, products and services.

This can be highly relatable and reassuring for potential customers, converting prospects into customers and clients.

How can you create a compelling customer testimonial video that builds confidence in your products and services among your target audience?

How to ask for a video testimonial

The first step in creating an effective client testimonial video is to find a customer or client who is willing to record a testimonial. The best corporate testimonial videos are built on strong customer relationships, allowing satisfied customers to talk about your business and why they value it.

Think about your customer base and whom you have a good relationship with. The next step is to select a customer or customers who you think might be willing to appear in a testimonial video.

When approaching them do so politely. It can be more comfortable to contact them via email than to ask in person or on the telephone. In your approach state how grateful you are for their custom and how helpful it would be if they could appear in a customer testimonial video.

Be patient in waiting for a response and don’t rush them. Many people need time to digest a request and to consider if they want to appear on camera. It can be helpful to reassure them that the whole process is relatively laid back.

You might be pleasantly surprised to find that your customers are pleased to be asked and more than happy to talk on camera about your business.

What should be in a video testimonial?

A client testimonial video should provide more than just praise for your business or products. It should be personal and specific, providing details about the customer’s experience. You will also want to consider if your video will include several brief testimonials from different customers or will have a longer single customer testimonial as its focus.

As well as the customer testimonial you may wish to include more information about your product or service, your business or other information that you may feel is important.

The exact contents of your testimonial video will depend on the type of business you operate, who your video is directed at and where it’s likely to be shared.

The content of your testimonial

It should begin with a brief introduction to the customer and any relevant background. If you’re selling goods and services to other businesses, this should include something about the business that customers represent, who they are and what they do.

Next, the customer should articulate the reason why they sought out your products or services. This helps viewers understand the context and relate to the testimonial. Your customer can then go on to highlight how your product or service solved their problem, and any particular features or aspects that were particularly helpful.

The customer should talk about the positive outcomes they experienced as a result of using your product or service. This should be as specific as possible, talking about tangible benefits.

If possible, the emotional impact of using your products or services should be expressed, be that joy, relief or satisfaction.

How long should a video testimonial be?

A business testimonial video will usually be relatively short. You want to ensure that your target audience remains engaged throughout. Shorter videos are also better suited to a greater range of platforms and can be more shareable. Keep your customer testimonial short and engaging for the maximum impact.

How to do a testimonial video

With advances in mobile technology, it has never been easier to create video content. While this has reduced the barriers to creativity, it also means that there is more video content available than ever before.  To get noticed you need to create high-quality content that has real value for your target audience.

The most effective way to achieve this is to work with a professional video production agency.

At Eight Engines, we’re experts at creating compelling testimonial videos that make a real impact. We bring TV and Film production values to every video we produce, giving you a key advantage in a very competitive marketplace.

If you’re creating happy customers we give you the best platform to share that success.

Why not contact us today to find out more about how we work?


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