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How to make a compelling product video that your customers will love

How to make a compelling product video that your customers will love

Creating great products is a long, involved and often expensive process. After you’ve developed a brilliant product you then have to let people know about it. Marketing products will require a range of techniques and tools, from paid advertising to email marketing and customer reviews.

Product videos can be a powerful marketing tool to introduce your product and what it can do for your target audience. Corporate product videos use a variety of techniques to communicate the benefits of products, how they work and why your potential customers should buy one.

What is a product video?

A product video is a short video that highlights your product’s features, how it works, and the benefits it can deliver.  It gives your target audience a close-up look at your product, helping them to better understand and visualise what your product can do and how it could help them. As well as physical products, a corporate product video could also feature services, software or other non-physical products.

Engaging product videos can be a compelling way for you to demonstrate and build enthusiasm for your product. With the internet becoming an increasingly video-driven medium, a product video is fast becoming an essential component of any product marketing strategy.

What do you need in a product video?

There are three main categories of corporate product video:


Teaser videos are short, to the point, and designed to spark curiosity and interest. It gives your potential customers a glimpse of your product, perhaps outlining some of the key features or the problems it could solve. Most TV adverts are teasers, trying to grab attention in a very short space of time. Teaser videos can be used to build interest, encouraging potential customers to find out.


Explainer videos go into more detail about the product. They might tell something about the story of the product, why it was developed and how it differs from similar products. It might touch upon how the product works but won’t be a complete demonstration of the product in action.


A demonstration video showcases how the product works in practice. A demonstration video tends to be targeted at customers who have already purchased the product or who are close to making a purchase. It can either be used to convey practical information to customers or used to help a potential customer decide to make a purchase.

What makes a good product video?

A good product video has clear objectives, a strong structure and is visually appealing.  It should contain a variety of visual elements to ensure that it keeps moving quickly and viewer interest is maintained. If you’re using the product video to make a sale, it should include a clear call to action that details how the viewer can purchase the product.

A good product video is developed with the needs of the viewer in mind, will answer their questions and showcase how the product can solve a particular problem.

How do you make product videos interesting?

Whether a teaser, explainer or demo, your product video needs to be interesting and engaging. Not only will it include strong storytelling and compelling visuals, it will also be based on the priorities and concerns of the target audience.

A product video, particularly a teaser, will usually begin with a strong hook. Once the viewer’s attention has been grabbed, you should create a narrative around your product that makes it more relatable. The video should highlight the problem the product can solve, and you may wish to demonstrate its value in a real-world context. Your video must outline the benefits that the product can bring, rather than just its features. Attention spans tend to be short, so keeping your video brief can be an advantage.

At Eight Engines, we create compelling product videos for our clients that enable them to showcase what they offer and reach new audiences. We bring professional production techniques to every project, giving you the best platform to showcase your business, products and services.

In a competitive marketplace, our professional corporate video production services can give you an advantage.

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