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Facebook Video Production

Facebook Video Production

 Video can make a significant contribution to your marketing efforts and Facebook is one of the most dynamic ways to get your brand message across. Bringing the two together can create the perfect synergy for real marketing success. Facebook video production needs to be more than just a box ticking exercise, however. Perhaps more than any other kind of video production you need to be alert to a number of different factors, all of which have the potential to hinder or turbo-boost your marketing efforts.

While you can share any video or link on Facebook you’re much more likely to attract more viewers or even go viral if you create and optimise videos specifically for your chosen platform.


One big difference between Facebook and video sharing platforms such as YouTube is that Facebook videos are generally discovered rather than searched for. This changes the dynamic of how users relate to the video. You have to provide something that sparks their interest immediately. If someone has ‘Liked’ your brand page on Facebook and they see your video, they are already to some degree invested in your brand and will be more likely to look at your video.


This isn’t necessarily always the case, however. Facebook users like pages all the time, some feature more in their feeds than others, some may hold more interest to them than others. If you aren’t going to pay for Facebook advertising you need to create content so engaging that people who already follow your brand page are inspired to share it.


So, how do you go about creating videos that generate interest, get shared and ultimately get results?

Medium-length videos are currently keeping users on Facebook for longer

Facebook is interested in keeping people engaged with content and using their service. If you create content that does just that it’s more likely to feature in news feeds. Increasingly, users are looking at medium-length videos, which are keeping them on Facebook for longer. Your video should keep people engaged for more than just a few seconds but without requiring a longer commitment.


All kinds of videos are cutting through. These might include explainer videos that highlight what a company does. They can be behind the scenes videos, or interviews and Q&As with people at the company. Depending on what you offer, product videos can be effective, particularly if you have a new product line that you’re keen to show off. Think creatively about what it is your company is selling and find the most interesting aspect of it. If you’re unsure, talk to your existing customers. What aspect of your brand do they relate to most and why?

How do you create engaging Facebook videos?

What video marketing production techniques should you bear in mind when you’re creating engaging Facebook videos?

  • Make your video valuable: You should aim to either educate, inspire or entertain.
  • Grab attention: If your video isn’t engaging in the first few seconds then it’s unlikely to be watched in full. Give your viewers a reason not to keep scrolling.
  • Don’t make sound essential: Social media users frequently look at content without sound, particularly if they’re in a public space. Does your video work as well without sound? Do you need subtitles?
  • Upload natively: With Facebook you can either share a link for your video from another hosting site, or perhaps your own website, or upload it directly. This is called ‘native video’ and Facebook’s algorithm prioritises native content.


At Eight Engines, we’re experienced at creating tailored content for Facebook that delivers results. Our online video production can help your company get noticed.

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Resources & Guides

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