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Preparing for an video interview

Preparing for an video interview

We completely understand the million and one reasons why stepping in front of the camera can be overwhelming, but there’s no need to worry, with Eight Engines you’re in safe hands.

Whether you’re getting ready to be interviewed on camera, read a scripted message, give an on-camera demonstration or speak straight from the heart there are a few easy steps you can take to get you looking and feeling like a bonified movie star.

The night before

Preparing for an interview starts the night before the shoot. One of the most important things is to have a good nights sleep and drink plenty of water - we don’t want to sound like your mum, but get your eight hours!

Once you’re up have a nice big breakfast, nobody comes across as well when they’re hungry.

Dressing up

It’s always best to bring a change of clothes with you to an interview – if we had a £1 for everyone who has spilt coffee down themselves just before filming we would have… about £6… but if you are going to make it £7 it’s always better to have a back up. It’s also helpful for the crew to make your outfit work with the venue.

Whist we’re talking about clothing try and avoid anything with big logos or fine patterns, without getting into the technical details fine patterns have a very unique way of confusing some cameras so it’s always best to avoid thin stripes and checks.

Sit Up Straight

We’ve already sounded like your mum so let’s sound like your teacher – sit up straight! Everything is exaggerated on camera so there’s no slouching allowed. It might not feel like the most relaxing way to sit but sitting up straight will help you come across in an engaging manner - you’ll look interested, and it will give you energy when you’re talking.

If you start to slouch, you can look bored and disengaged…and no one wants a disengaged video.

Talk With Your Hands

Every time we do shoot an interview someone will comment on how they need to stop moving their hands. Actually, the opposite is true – move gesticulate if your feel comfortable doing so! 80% of human communication is none verbal and hand gestures form a big part of that. They bring energy, passion and make videos more watchable.

Our tip when it comes to talking with your hands is to keep your elbows bend around your mid-section. This way your hands will be between your waist and shoulders – in the shot but not taking over the show.

But don’t worry, if your more comfortable not talking with your hands or you forget being relaxed is more important.

Just Relax!

The most important thing is to come across as relaxed as possible – our job is to make you look good so don’t panic if you say something you’re not happy with or if you slip up over your words, we can go back as many times as you like and I the edit you’ll look like you were born for the screen.

Resources & Guides

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