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Promote your brand through video

Promote your brand through video

 In an age of immersive customer experience, increased marketing engagement and a desire on behalf of consumers to find brands they can identify with, branding has never been more important. Branding is often misunderstood, or its full extent isn’t completely grasped.

Here we take a look at what branding is, its values, and how you can use video to showcase your branding to its best effect.

What is branding?

Creating an ethos for your business is broadly what branding is all about. It’s the process through which meaning is discovered and shaped for a specific organisation, company, products or services. It’s about encouraging, sharing and shaping that meaning in the minds of customers.

You might think it sounds interesting as an idea, but what’s the point of it and why is so much emphasis placed upon it?

The purpose of branding is to help people quickly identify and experience what a product, service or organisation is all about, giving them a range of reasons and motivations to choose their products and services over those of the competition. It clarifies what a particular brand is and is not.

Branding is all about values

Increasingly, values matter in business. Consumers are looking for businesses that they can believe in, relate to and identify with.

The messages you communicate about your business, products and services will create a brand identity in the minds of consumers, whether favourable or unfavourable, so it makes sense to try and shape that identity as much as you can.

If you leave your branding to chance or see it as an afterthought, don’t be surprised if the opinions people have about your business are not the ones you’d like them to have.

Why is video so important when it comes to branding?

Branding and brand identity is about a range of different variables, many of which are intangible or hard to pin down. It’s about an ethos and atmosphere, a set of values that your brand communicates. It’s a process that’s fraught with potential tripwires.

Get it wrong and the message you communicate can be clunky, preachy or confusing. Get it right, and you’ll find that your content is more readily shared, you’ll gain more engagement and your marketing will start to take on an energy and direction that you perhaps find unexpected.

Video is a powerful tool when it comes to establishing a brand identity. It’s an immersive and engaging medium and increasingly the one that people are turning to when they want to find out about a product, service or company.

Video can help with the three key stages of branding:

  • Differentiation

A key aspect of branding is ensuring that your products and services get noticed online. This is by no means an easy task with the scale of competition growing by the day.

How do you break through the noise and connect?

Due to the impact of social media, consumer behaviour has undergone some rapid changes. All of the major brands make use of video across their websites, email marketing and social media channels. If smaller companies want to compete they have to offer video content and they need that content to highlight why their brand is unique.

  • Retention

After you’ve shown how your brand is different from the competition you want to help your customers identify more strongly with it. Over time, video content can help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

You can deepen trust and establish greater brand loyalty as a result, and brand loyalty is what really delivers growth for your business.

  • Growth

Once you’ve established a solid brand identity, built up a loyal customer base and are well on the way to deepening their engagement with your brand, you can then take a few more creative risks with your video content. At critical moments for your business creative video content can bring you big returns.

Because of its explosive growth as an online medium and the power it has as a branding tool, video has become the primary method for communicating a branding message. Think of the last time you scrolled through Instagram or Facebook. There’s a good chance that you encountered an advertising video and the chances are you paused to watch it.

As well as the paid content you’re exposed to, think of all the times you’ve watched video content from businesses whose social media channels you’ve liked or subscribed to. With the latter, you may not even feel that what you’re watching has anything to do with marketing, such is the power and flexibility of video content to build loyalty.

Brands built with video have an edge

If you’re in the early stages of establishing your brand, then you have a key advantage over some of the competition. Video content can help you make an instant impression on your potential customers. You can embed video into the heart of your marketing strategy and build a customer base that is primed and expecting to see video content from you.  

When you’re starting out the temptation can be to mimic the style, aesthetics and marketing approach of your competitors. Many of them may be established and even if they make use of video it may be in a piecemeal way rather than making it central to their strategy.

By embracing varied video content from the beginning you can be rewarded for being bold. It’s no exaggeration to say that creative video content is a shortcut when it comes to establishing a brand identity.

Eight Engines can help you create a brand identity that gets you noticed

All of this may sound complicated and difficult to get right, but at Eight Engines we have the experience to make it simple. We put creativity at the heart of everything we do and work hard to ensure you get the maximum impact for your budget.

To find out more about how we can help you use video to establish and promote your brand call 03309 950645 or email

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