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Sports Industry Production

Sports Industry Production


The sports industry is vast, varied and exciting. It brings joy to peoples’ lives, promotes good health and gives more people the opportunity to get active, meet people and have fun. Sport and health and fitness activities engage all the senses and visually they can captivate and inspire. It’s one reason why so many sports, fitness and leisure businesses have been quick to adopt video content as part of their marketing.


At Eight Engines, we can capture the dynamism and excitement of your sporting event, highlight the benefits of your gym or sports club, and showcase what makes your business unique.


When people think of sports video they may think of coverage of their favourite sporting event. There’s no better way in which to engage people with your sport or your club than by offering them video coverage. You may know exactly how exciting your sport can be, but how do you communicate that to a wider audience?


Sports film production services can capture and portray all of those high-suspense moments. At Eight Engines, we’re skilled at capturing all those exciting moments while making sure we’re not in the way of the action. Whether it’s the last minute goal, the unlikely comeback, the perfect ten or the explosive last seconds of a race, we’ll be on hand to record it for posterity.


We’ll make sure that not only do we record all of the action, but that we also capture the unique atmosphere of the event.


Online health and fitness classes have blossomed over recent years with people finding them a convenient way to engage in activities and get fit from the comfort of their own home. They offer a perfect balance between convenience and the chance to follow a more structured fitness routine.

There are now a wide range of online classes and tuition videos available online but the production quality varies. Many are created in-house using smart phones and basic video production equipment. A professionally produced class or tuition video can help you stand out in an increasingly competitive field.

 If you’re offering live online classes then a professional edited recording of those classes can be made available to people who can’t make the live class. Video content can be used to promote your live online classes via your marketing channels.



The market for sporting, fitness and health products is vast and growing. If you’ve got an exciting product to sell then it’s important that you shout about it. Video advertising for your product, whether that’s in the form of social media content, website videos or how to videos for your website, is one of the most powerful means by which to make sales.


Younger people are consuming less traditional media and are more likely to be persuaded by content they see shared on their social media and can access on their smartphones. Eight Engines can create exciting and adaptable video content that showcases the benefits of your product to an audience that is constantly online.



Sports film production is an intuitive art as well as a technical discipline. At Eight Engines, we’re experienced at capturing the excitement, atmosphere and culture of sporting events, activities and products.


We’re able to come up with practical solutions to any kind of challenge and are flexible enough to adapt quickly to changing conditions. We make world class videos, maximise your budget and help you achieve your goals.

Resources & Guides

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