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Types of Corporate Videos

Types of Corporate Videos

Corporate videos have never been more cost-effective and readily accessible. They deliver a range of benefits for businesses, offering a versatile and creative way to drive engagement and reach your audience. Get it right, and they can help build and promote your brand, as well as aiding communication across your organisation. 

Corporate videos can be created for a wide variety of different purposes. Here are some of the most common kinds of corporate video that we work on at Eight Engines.


Events can be a great opportunity to meet your customers and target audience. They can be a showpiece for your products and services and mark a significant moment in your marketing campaign. You can add value to your event through an events highlight video. These can capture what happened during your event, focusing on people within your company and those that attended. 

They might be short, promotional videos to share on your social media or longer videos that record more of the event for posterity. Whatever the event, and whatever aspects you wish to record and promote, event videos can be used creatively for maximum exposure and engagement. 


Case study videos can illustrate how a business solves a particular customer problem or meets a particular need. They can be powerful tools for businesses that are looking to attract new clients and drive revenue. They can also add a personal element that’s difficult to replicate with purely a text-based case study. 

Interviewing clients and customers helps to humanise your product or service, showcasing how they work in real-world situations. Combining emotion and versatility, they give your target audience an insight into what your business can do for them.

When they’re properly executed, a case study video can be a powerful tool through which to create interest in your products and services, drive engagement and grow your business. 


Social media loves a trailer or promotional short that highlights some aspect of a business’s products and services. It might be the opening of a new store, expanding your range or flagging up an event, a promo video is an ideal way to generate interest. 

As with a trailer for an upcoming movie, a promo video serves as a mini commercial with the goal of encouraging viewers to check out your service, product, event or content asset. The main purpose of a promo or trailer video is to entice people to learn more, and with the right creative and technical approach, it can be a powerful marketing tool. 


A conference is only successful if people take on board some of the issues and strategies discussed and developed. While much of the work goes on during the conference and involves those in attendance, some of what’s decided or learnt will have ongoing practical applications across your organisation. 

By having your conference professionally filmed you can have an accessible record of your event on hand whenever you need it. Whether you opt for a video featuring highlights of the event, or for aspects of the conference recorded for training purposes, conference filming allows you to add value to your event.   


The recruitment landscape is becoming ever more competitive so companies have to go the extra mile to recruit quality candidates. Creative and engaging recruitment videos can help you reach more candidates and attract their attention. You can present your employer brand in a compelling way, increase the number of applications you receive, test and interview candidates, and communicate with your job applicants throughout the entire hiring process. 

Recruitment videos can be used to showcase what your business is all about, ensuring that those who apply have some understanding of your organisation from the offset. Recruitment videos can help to communicate the culture of your organisation and what you’re all about before they even set foot through the door.

As well as using video to attract candidates, recruitment filming can also be used as part of the recruitment process, filming interviews of candidate sessions, particularly for senior positions. These can then be reviewed as part of the final selection process. 


Animated explainer videos are short, engaging animated content that helps to communicate what a product or service is all about. Animation is a great way to make an impact. It can be used to communicate all kinds of messages, and in particular, can be extremely helpful when it comes to explainers. Animation can help simplify complex processes, highlighting key features of a product or service, creating something memorable and engaging. 

An animated explainer video allows you an opportunity to make your potential customers understand what your particular product and service does, and how they can help solve a particular problem. Not only does it use an audio and visual message, it also helps to boost retention through relatable animation.

At Eight Engines, we bring our award-winning corporate video creation experience to your marketing. Call 0161 974 1319 or email to find out more about how we can help.

Resources & Guides

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