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What is a brand video and why do you need one?

What is a brand video and why do you need one?

Consumers are exposed to more information, images, sounds and content than ever before. While it’s never been easier to communicate your brand message through a wide variety of channels, it’s never been more difficult to get noticed. Competition for consumer attention is intense, which is why businesses need to invest in a clear, distinct and compelling brand message.

A key part of any brand awareness strategy will be a brand video. Branded video content can be a versatile and powerful tool for shaping perceptions, fostering emotional connections, and driving meaningful engagement.

What exactly is a brand video, what benefits can it deliver and how do you go about creating branded video content that really delivers for your business?

What is a brand video?

A brand video is a type of promotional video created by a company or organisation to showcase its brand identity, values, products, services, or overall message. It will typically be used as a marketing tool to communicate a brand’s identity to its target audience.

Brand videos are frequently used to create an emotional connection with the target audience. Using visuals, music, narration, and storytelling techniques they can be used to convey a specific mood or to evoke particular emotions.

Branded video content is flexible and can be tailored to meet the goals and values of the brand, as well as the preferred medium for communicating that message. The primary objective is to create a memorable and engaging experience that resonates with the target audience and then leaves a lasting, positive impression of the brand in their mind

Why do you need a brand video?

A brand video is a uniquely powerful and flexible tool for communicating your brand identity and message. It can communicate your brand values, personality, and unique selling proposition, helps to differentiate your brand from competitors and makes a lasting impression. Brand videos can create an emotional connection with your target audience, helping to foster trust and longtime customer loyalty.

Branded video content is great to share, and with social media increasingly becoming a visual medium, it increases your brand's online visibility and overall brand reach. Video on your website and across your social media channels can also improve your SEO performance, encouraging people to spend longer on your site. In today’s competitive market, brand videos are an essential tool.  

Benefits of brand videos

Brand videos and branded video content can deliver a range of benefits for ambitious businesses looking to engage with their target audience.

Firstly, they effectively communicate a brand's message, values, and offerings in a visually captivating and concise manner. They can simplify complex ideas and engage the audience, ensuring that the key aspects of the brand can be easily understood and remembered. 

Branded video content helps to generate increased brand awareness and perception. Brand videos can also be easily shared, helping leverage the networking power of social media. Well-crafted brand videos shape and enhance the perception of the brand, positioning it as trustworthy, innovative and relevant.

Brand videos improve your SEO performance by encouraging people to spend longer on your website and help to improve conversion rates. By showcasing products or services, explaining their benefits, and providing real-life applications, brand videos inspire viewers to become customers.

Professional branded video content can give your business a competitive edge.

What makes a successful brand video?

A successful brand video should be clearly targeted to the preferences and concerns of your target audience. They should be engaging, using visuals, sound and storytelling techniques to create a coherent message. Increasingly, video content is being released into a competitive environment. This means that your brand video has to be professional if it’s not to get lost.

What should be in a branding video?

A brand video should clearly communicate your brand's identity, values, and unique selling proposition. This can be achieved through a compelling narrative that tells the story of your brand, showcasing its history, mission, and the value it brings to customers' lives.

Visual elements such as your brand logo, colours, and imagery should be incorporated to ensure consistency and reinforce brand recognition. The tone and style of the video should align with your brand's personality.

Branded video content should highlight your products, services, or key offerings. Showcasing how your products or services address customer needs, solve problems, or enhance their lives helps create a connection with the audience.

Use high-quality visuals, demonstrations, testimonials, or storytelling techniques to effectively demonstrate the value and benefits of your products or services. It's important to strike a balance between showcasing what you offer and maintaining the overall brand story and emotional appeal.

The video should ultimately leave a lasting impression and encourage viewers to take the desired action, whether it's making a purchase, subscribing, or engaging further with your brand.

Great ideas for your brand video

Branded video content gives you the chance to get creative. Whether it’s a video that highlights your origin story, customer testimonials, sets out your social impact efforts or includes user-generated content, brand videos are a flexible tool for getting your brand identity and message across.

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We work with you to create a brand video that your target audience finds compelling and can be used across a variety of marketing channels. A brand video from Eight Engines can form a key part of your brand awareness strategy.

Our talented brand video production team makes the process simple while ensuring the maximum return on your investment.

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