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Why you need to use video marketing in 2022

Why you need to use video marketing in 2022

 If video hasn’t played a part in your online marketing strategy before, then 2022 may well be the year to change that. Video now plays such a huge role in content marketing that it’s rapidly becoming the medium of choice for any business that’s serious about getting its message across.


2022 looks as if it’s going to be a pivotal year for video.


Why is it having such an impact, and why should your business make this the year to finally start using it?

The trends are clear

A raft of data both from businesses and consumers has been collected over the years about the effectiveness of different forms of digital marketing. The standout trend has been the relentless rise of video. In 2020, 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption and the appetite for more video content is also clear, with 9 out of 10 consumers saying they wanted to see more video content from brands and businesses that they’re interested in.

Over 2022, the average person is expected to spend an incredible 100 minutes a day watching online video content.

Over recent years, the principal means by which people consume online content has moved from desktop and laptop computers to smartphones and tablets. This has helped to increase the popularity of video content as mobile devices are perfect for viewing short-form video.

These trends toward a video-dominated digital world are only likely to increase during the course of 2022. Soon, brands that make use of video will be the rule rather than the exception.


Video marketing is the most effective form of content marketing

Video content marketing is when brands and businesses create video content to help raise their online profile. It can be published in a variety of ways, making use of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or other social media, or it may be hosted independently on the business website.

They can be short, snappy and sales orientated, or longer and more informative. It might be personal, and fairly low-tech, or it could have very high production values.

 When it’s done well, video content can be a powerful tool to help brands spread their message, making it accessible to as large an audience as possible. It’s increasingly the content of choice for consumers who have been shifting towards video in their online habits.

It can help to engage, inform and inspire consumers to enquire, learn more or make a purchase. Make your video content as engaging as possible and you’ll likely find that people being to share your content freely.


Whether you’re selling to other businesses or direct to the consumer, video content is now the most effective way to achieve your marketing goals.


Video boosts sales

 It’s not just technological changes and consumer preferences that are driving the move towards video. It also has tangible benefits for brands. The primary reason why so many businesses are adopting video marketing strategies is that it delivers results.

Product videos on the landing pages of websites have been shown to increase conversions by 80%. When someone watches an explainer video for a product or service, the majority of them will then go on to make a purchase or an enquiry.

Brands who have experimented with video content have seen real results, encouraging them to take this to the next stage. The more video content that brands make available, the more it has become expected by consumers. Video is often a way brands will ‘seal the deal’ taking someone who was interested in their product or service and turning them into a customer.


Video provides a great return on investment

Because of the increase in brand awareness and ultimately leads and sales that video content can deliver, it represents a great return on your investment. It may not be as cheap as some other marketing strategies, but it does have the potential to provide greater returns.

While video can make a positive initial impact it’s often best to think of video content as forming part of a more long-term strategy. Used correctly, video can be transformative for your brand awareness and ultimately sales.


Video is versatile

The versatility of video as a medium is one of the reasons why so many brands are embracing it. You can use a variety of tools and platforms for your video marketing, such as YouTube, Facebook Live, or Instagram Stories. You can create short snappy content that gets shared or longer form explainer videos that give people valuable information about your products.  

You might want to encourage greater brand loyalty by offering a human face behind your brand. You can introduce new product lines, go behind the scenes at the company headquarters, get out and about or answer questions people have already submitted.


If you’re holding an event, the highlights can be turned into a short video and shared on social media. The potential for video really is limitless.


The public prefer video

Increasingly, consumers want and expect to see video content when they go online. It’s what they watch every time they scroll through a social media feed, share with their friends and comment on.

Users increasingly spend more time on websites that have videos. It’s the content that gets the most attention and is increasingly preferred over text-based content. While the latter takes some commitment from the consumer, video is a more passive medium, but that doesn’t mean it’s not engaging. In fact, although it may take less effort from the viewer than reading 1000 words of text, it still stimulated ideas and emotions that can be helpful when it comes to marketing.

Video can also be used to help highlight written content and make it more engaging. Video is both a great stand-alone marketing tool, but also one that can be used alongside other forms of content in a supportive way.


Video is the most engaging form of content

As touched upon above, video is the most engaging form of content for consumers. By combining sound and vision, it creates a more immersive experience for the viewer.

Video can also make use of non-verbal cues, such as the body language of the person who is talking to them. It can use a variety of presentational techniques, approaches and visual effects to help get the message across.

Video makes the whole experience more engaging for viewers because they have the opportunity to see what’s happening in real-time. Consumers get a better sense of what your brand, its products and services are all about and how they might benefit from them.


Video is the perfect content for mobile users

With smartphones becoming ubiquitous globally, it means that the limitations and possibilities of mobile devices are increasingly shaping how and what we consume online. Being online is now something that we do in smaller time bursts, perhaps during breaks from other activities. It, therefore, has to compete for our attention.

The smartest brands and online content creators have already realised this and are producing highly engaging, addictive and shareable video content that reflects how we behave online.

Video content that’s optimised for smartphones has an advantage over other forms of content. It’s easier to consume on the go, easier to share and can compete with other distractions.

Make 2022 the year you get started with video marketing

If you haven’t yet started using video as part of your wider marketing strategy then 2022 is the year to start. If you’re wondering where to get started and what might be the best approach, then Eight Engines can help.

 We bring our award-winning TV production skills to business video marketing giving the brands we work with a real advantage over their competitors. We will help you create engaging video content that will deliver real results for your business.


Call 01619741319 or email to find out more about how we can help you use video to achieve your marketing goals in 2022.

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