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Are recruitment videos effective?

Are recruitment videos effective?

In a competitive recruitment market where finding, recruiting and retaining the best talent is becoming increasingly challenging, recruiters need an advanced set of tools to achieve their targets. A recruitment video can be just such a tool, having the ability to communicate directly with candidates, giving a flavour of the values and personality of an employer, and setting out the benefits the successful candidate can expect.

While most people will be interested in the salary a job will offer, they will often be motivated by other concerns such as location, quality of life and other benefits. It’s important to think about the USP of your company when creating your message.

Why are recruitment videos important and how do you make a good one?

Why are recruiting videos important?

A recruitment video is an immediate and engaging way to showcase the attractions and benefits of working for your organisation. They can be used to flag up current vacancies or used as a tool to promote the business as an employer. They give would-be candidates a much better idea of what your company is all about and what they can expect if they work for you.

Recruitment videos allow existing employees to talk about their role and their experience within the business. They can give would-be candidates people they can relate to, particularly if they had previously dismissed your organisation or a particular career as not being for them. They can knock down barriers, promote inclusion and be inspiring for young people or career changers who are looking for a new challenge.

Whether used to promote a particular business, or the rewards of more challenging professions, corporate recruitment videos are an integral part of the recruitment marketplace. They’re a flexible and valuable resource for recruiters looking to meet their recruitment goals.

How to create a recruitment video that will actually work

Talent recruitment videos are a flexible medium, meaning what they include will vary from recruiter to recruiter.  For instance, local communities have created recruitment videos to attract new GPs and other professionals to their town featuring local landmarks and singing the praises of their local area and community.

Recruitment videos looking to broaden representation and increase diversity in a profession have focused on the experience of successful people from underrepresented minority communities already working in the profession. Alternatively, it may be a video talking about the organisation in general, showcasing the working environment, featuring members of the team or talking about the roles being promoted.

Creating a recruitment video that actually works and finds the right candidate for your role takes careful planning. You need to consider the tastes, priorities, ambitions and preferences of your target audience, and then showcase how your role could help someone achieve those ambitions.

Perhaps you want to focus on the lifestyle aspects of the role or your location, or you may want to inspire would-be candidates to apply because of the challenge on offer. Good recruitment videos are clear from the beginning about the aspect of the role they want to promote and why it’s a great opportunity for the right candidate.

How do you make a good recruitment video?

The planning stage of any video production project is crucial to its overall success. This will usually start by setting out the goals of the video, then recruitment video ideas can be generated and selected. Recruitment videos are increasingly creative using new ideas and approaches to help get the message across, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Once you’ve chosen your ideas, a script can be developed, and pre-production work such as casting and locations found. Each stage is important, and you may find that each element of the production informs and shapes your initial idea in a new direction.

Once the footage has been captured, the production team will begin editing to ensure that it delivers the intended message concisely and engagingly. They may add graphic elements, animation or other visual and musical elements that create interest or emphasise some of your key priorities.

How long should my recruitment video be?

Recruitment videos vary in length depending on what they’re intended to achieve. Longer videos may give more of an in-depth look at specific professions or larger employers, while others may be short and to the point to promote a particular vacancy.

They can be simple, with the employer talking briefly about the role with the support of written descriptions, or lengthier videos that reflect something of the culture of the workplace and the opportunities that the role offers.

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