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Benefits of building a strong brand identity

Benefits of building a strong brand identity

 Unless you have a memorable brand even the biggest marketing budget won’t help you get noticed. Or even if you are noticed, you won’t be remembered. A strong identity is key to marketing and therefore business success. There are countless benefits of brand identity, and that’s why it’s important to spend some time developing something distinct.

If you think about the consumer choices you make they will be based on a variety of factors. Often, we will simply keep making the same choices because of familiarity and trust in a brand. Then along comes a competitor with a strongly differentiated brand identity that grabs our attention. We might be inclined to try out a special offer or sample their goods and services after having our interest piqued by this strong brand identity. Over recent years, insurgent brands such as Fever Tree or Brew Dog in the drinks industry, have grabbed a growing market share by virtue of their distinct brand identity.

If you’re passionate about your products and services, then a strong brand identity can ensure that other people come to share your passion.

In a crowded marketplace, smaller and new businesses need to think creatively about their brand identity and how it’s marketed.

What are the benefits of brand identity?

A strong brand identity has a range of benefits for businesses, making it easier to build brand recognition and awareness, and ensure that marketing efforts are successful:

Differentiate Your Brand

A strong brand identity helps you create a unique position in the market, differentiating your products and services from the competition.

Brand Recognition

A distinct, well-crafted brand identity makes it easier for people to recognise and recall your brand. When someone can easily identify your brand through its visual elements, it helps to foster familiarity and trust.

Builds Trust

When your brand consistently delivers on its promises and lives up to its values, it maintains a cohesive image. This, in turn, encourages customer loyalty and word-of-mouth, organic growth.

Emotional Connection

A strong brand identity helps you build an emotional connection with your target audience. When your brand values, personality and story chime with the aspirations, values and beliefs of your target audience, it creates emotional resonance and a strong sense of loyalty.

Sustainability & Resilience

A strong brand identity makes it easier for you to build a long-term sustainable business. During economic downturns, disruptive periods and other unexpected events, a strong brand identity can help you be resilient.

Build a Strong Brand Identity with Video Content

Video content represents a uniquely powerful way to communicate your brand identity to your target audience. It’s a flexible medium that connects with the viewer in a visual and emotional way, making it easier for them to recall your brand elements and feel connected.

At Eight Engines, we bring professional production skills from our vast TV and film experience to every project. We can help you enjoy the benefits of brand identity recognition and gain a competitive advantage in a busy digital marketplace.

Contact us to find out more about how our experienced video marketing team can help you create, build, develop and sustain a strong brand identity.


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