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Benefits of Video Making for Marketing

Benefits of Video Making for Marketing

 Video marketing has become an increasingly popular and effective way for businesses to reach their target audiences. With the rise of social media and video-sharing platforms, it's easier than ever for businesses to create and distribute engaging video content to a wide audience. But what exactly are the benefits of using video marketing, and how can it help a business succeed?

Let’s take a look at the various benefits of video marketing and how it can be used effectively to drive business growth.


Before we explore the benefits of video marketing in detail, here are the key factors that marketers need to bear in mind:

  • Increased engagement: Video engages your target audience like no other marketing medium
  • Improved conversion rates: Video makes it easy for customers to understand your products and services increasing conversion rates.
  • Increased brand awareness: Video can be shared on social media and other online platforms, which can increase brand awareness helping you reach a wider audience.
  • Improved customer retention: Video can be used to create a more personal connection with customers and build relationships with them.


What was once considered an optional extra is now essential for any business that wants to get noticed. Whether you’re a two-person start-up or a global giant, video will play a huge role in how your business is recognised and perceived.

Video now makes up over 80% of all consumer internet traffic. This is a staggering 15 times higher than it was in 2017.  


The internet is now overwhelmingly consumed on handheld devices, primarily smartphones, with people using them to watch videos. Video is perfect for mobile devices. It’s easy to access, can be watched while on the move and is more engaging than text.

Consumers are accessing all kinds of video on their handheld devices, not least from brands they love or want to find out more about.  


Alongside this growth in the importance of video in marketing, the cost of producing professional video content has radically reduced. While anyone can record and edit simple video content, companies that invest in professional video production will have the edge.

Consumers are discerning about what they watch and if you can’t grab their attention in the first few seconds then they will look elsewhere. Video can allow smaller brands to compete on a level playing field with bigger brands by creating compelling video content. It’s a great way for a start-up brand to announce their arrival.

If you’re serious about making an impact with your marketing, then, in short, you need video.


Video is key to converting your target audience into customers. According to data from HubSpot, if you include video on your website landing page you can increase conversions by up to 80%. That incredible statistic says something about the ability of video to reach people on an emotional and practical level.

Video can communicate more about your brand in a very short space of time giving people confidence in what you are offering, or at least encouraging them to find out more.

It’s not just on your website where video can have a real impact on your marketing conversion rates. When video is embedded into emails or used across your social media channels, the number of people who go from viewers to customers is staggering.

Of course, to have this kind of positive impact your video needs to be professional and targeted. That’s why it’s important to work with a company that can deliver high-quality, well-developed, and thoughtfully designed video content that converts.


Email marketing campaigns are a mainstay of modern marketing strategies. They are used to try and attract new customers and help to build brand loyalty among existing customers. They keep your brand in peoples’ minds and inform them about new developments, products, services and offers that they might be interested in. Email gets directly to your customers and encourages them to take action, whether that’s to sign up for something new, make a purchase or get involved.

Typically, people will receive numerous marketing emails every day. Some will be deleted without being opened, usually when the recipient has already decided that the company sends emails that are not relevant to them. Those that are opened and read will come from brands that the recipient is interested in. They will trust that the contents of the email are engaging and tailored to them. The best way to achieve this is by making use of video content.

When videos are embedded into emails, they drive increased customer engagement. What’s more, once you’ve sent an email containing interesting video content your future emails are more likely to be opened and read.

Using video in your email marketing campaigns is a great way to make your email campaigns more effective and to turn your email marketing strategy into something sustainable that delivers continued results over time.


The stats regarding video consumption online haven’t gone unnoticed by search engines. Increasingly, search engine algorithms are looking for quality video content and users are opting for links that have video when they search.

Google shows a video thumbnail next to around a quarter of search results. When video content is featured next to the search result it makes it a “rich snippet” and these have higher click-through rates than standard results.

We know that the amount of time people spend on your website is also considered when Google delivers search results. Websites that feature video content encourage people to stay on the site for longer, making your site more likely to feature prominently. Videos also encourage more backlinks which further supports your SEO performance.

In fact, video content is a magic ingredient when it comes to your website’s search engine performance. It contains something which search engines are increasingly prioritising when it comes to results and increases some of the other factors which are taken into account when websites are being crawled.

The basis of SEO is to align your internal content strategy with what is known about the algorithms of the search engine. While we may not have a complete picture of what Google is doing at any one time, we do know that video delivers powerful search engine results, and their effectiveness is becoming even more pronounced.

The trend for internet users to turn to video content is only likely to continue. Inevitably, brands that don’t have some video content on their websites will be at a disadvantage.

If you’re serious about cutting through with your marketing, then video needs to be an essential part of your strategy.


Video content can have a range of different functions. It can showcase new products and services, or it might be used to demonstrate industry experience and knowledge. It can provide valuable information that the user is looking for, or it can entertain. By producing quality video content, you can help to promote the credibility of your brand, product, and services.

Customers engage with video content on a much deeper level than looking at a written advert or reading an email. It engages more senses and can encourage a certain response in the target audience. Regular video content shared on your social media using a consistent tone of voice is not only engaging for viewers but can also help to build a sense of trust. They come to understand something about your brand and can be reassured that it meets their needs and values. In time, they may wish to be associated with your brand and what it stands for. Few other marketing tools can encourage this kind of engagement.

Video can also be used in a direct way to promote trust through customer testimonial videos. These allow happy customers to talk positively about your products and services and the benefits it gives them. This is reassuring for would-be customers, allowing them to see that your products or services are used by people just like them.

When it comes to engaging with your audience, and developing their trust and loyalty, no other marketing tool works quite like high-quality video content.


Social media loves video. Increasingly, people visit social media sites to consume video content. The vast popularity of cute animal videos, extreme sports and viral comedy clips is a case in point. If people are looking for distraction or entertainment, they turn to social media videos. They may do this several times a day, giving social media videos an incredible reach.

This gives brands a real opportunity to make an impact by producing high-quality and engaging video content. Some of the most successful viral videos have come from brands that use popular content themes to get noticed and shared. Even if your brand doesn’t have global reach there are still plenty of opportunities for people to share your video content.

If you’re opening a new business that people locally are excited about, then a video talking about your plans, when you open and why you’re passionate about what you’re doing is likely to be shared.

People want to get behind brands and businesses that they believe in, or which inspire them in some way and an easy way to do this is through social media sharing.

There are all kinds of different ways that video content can engage on social media and at Eight Engines, we can help you create video that makes an emotional impact on your target audience.


Video not only promotes your brand, but it can also prove crucial when it comes to influencing buying decisions.  Video gives people the opportunity to see your product in action, to get a sense of its look and feel and how it works. They can read descriptions of your product as well as reviews from satisfied customers, but it’s video that helps them make their mind up to make a purchase.

Whether you use video to showcase testimonials from your satisfied customers, show your product in action, or promote specific products, events or offers, it has a powerful ability to make would-be customers commit.


Video content is versatile and can fulfil a variety of different functions. It can be explanatory and detailed, it can be used to inject personality into your brand, and it can present a human face to your customers and say something about your own story and passion.

Video can promote and sell directly, or it might be more indirect giving people video content that they value for different reasons, but which they come to associate with your brand.


Whether you’re an established business or a start-up, experienced at video marketing or considering it for the first time, Eight Engines can help you get results.

We bring professional production techniques and TV/film standards to every project, creating content that engages from the first second to the last. Our video content drives results for our clients, and we never cut corners when it comes to production, whatever your budget.

With our help, your own video content can be getting to work on your behalf in no time at all.

Contact us today to find out more about the power of video content in your marketing and to learn more about our marketing video services


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