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Every story is different

Every story is different

 Few people go into business purely to make money. Of course, earning a decent living, growing your business and being successful are key priorities, but they’re rarely the whole story.

Most small and medium sized enterprises are founded by people who have a passion for something. It could be food and drink, hospitality, or technology. It might be something we’ve done in our careers previously, or a completely new direction and the chance to turn a hobby into a career. Whatever route we took into running a business, there’s usually a story behind it.


Why narrative matters

Novelists, script writers and playwrights will tell you just how important narrative is. It’s what hooks the audience, helps us to engage and connect with the characters, and encourages us to keep watching or reading to the end. Sharing stories about ourselves is key to building relationships. In fact, when we relate to a story, changes happen in our brain that mirror those taking place in the mind of the storyteller. This is called neural coupling, and it has a profound importance for how we relate to people and businesses. Storytelling can also  help to improve our mental health.

It also plays a role in communities. Generating a more positive narrative about a town or city is often a key part in regeneration projects, helping to counteract pessimism and cynicism about what can be achieved. Storytelling is key to our civilisation.


The reason why narrative plays such a fundamental role in our lives is that human beings need stories. We tell stories about ourselves, our families and our nations. Those stories can then impact on the kind of people we become. In business, the stories we tell not only help to create a brand, they can also create a company culture, keep people motivated when faced with challenges, and help customers to connect with your brand.


Your business narrative is unique

Most entrepreneurs can tell a story about their business. That story can become a valuable marketing tool. No two businesses are the same, and the stories behind them are all different. With social media, people demand more from their businesses.

They like to be able to connect with business owners, hear about the challenges and the rewards of running a business, and to support those people and businesses that they admire or relate to.

 What led to you running your business, how has it grown, changed and adapted and what are your plans for the future?


How do you develop a brand story for your business?

A brand story is more than just a tagline. It’s the heart and soul of your business.

Although your logo, name and tagline can all play a part in creating your brand, it’s the narrative that ties all of these together and creates an emotional connection.  It tells the motivation for starting your business, why you get up and go to work every morning, and the values that underpin what you do.


Things to remember

When it comes to telling a brand story there are three key principles to remember:

  • Keep it simple - don’t make your story complicated and difficult to follow. Think of a basic narrative framework that people can remember and relate to.
  • Let your personality shine through - make your story engaging and fun, let people see something of who you are and how that impacts on what you do.
  • Communicate higher values - what are the inspirational principles behind what you do. Perhaps you’re a horticulturist who wants to promote greener gardens, or you might be a restaurant owner who wants to promote a new cuisine. How would you like your business to make lives better? Try to inspire people with what you’re doing.


Video helps you tell your story

There’s no better way to communicate your story than through video. Because every business is different, the way in which video is produced for each business will be different too. At Eight Engines we listen to your story, and then consider how we might best communicate that story to your customers.

We work with you step-by-step, to create something truly unique that reflects your brand story and creates engagement. 

Why not contact us to learn more about how video production in Manchester can help you tell your story in a bold way?


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