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How can I make my company training fun?

How can I make my company training fun?

There’s no denying that company training can sometimes be hard going. Uninspiring materials can create disengaged learners. When this happens, it’s a lost opportunity as well as a waste of resources. If you’re to meet your company's training goals, then you need to ensure your corporate training materials are as interesting and engaging as they are informative.

Corporate training videos can be a great company training tool, but they have to be compelling for your audience.

How do I make training not boring?

Company training doesn’t have to be boring. It can be enjoyable as well as engaging and informative. Having the right materials to hand is essential.

What can you do to ensure your trainees are engaged in the process?

Inject Humour

Humour can be one of the most effective ways to make training more enjoyable. Your training materials should incorporate relevant jokes and anecdotes that align with the training content. Make it genuinely funny so your audience is laughing not cringing, to help create a positive and relaxed learning environment. Of course, in some instances humour may not be appropriate for the particular topic being discussed so always use humour judiciously.

Gamify Learning

By incorporating competitions, quizzes, tasks and rewards you can add gaming elements to your training. This not only makes the learning process more enjoyable; it supports interactive learning and boosts motivation and participation.

Real-Life Scenarios

Training content should reflect and relate to the kinds of scenarios that your employees are likely to encounter in their roles. Demonstrating the real-world applications of the learning being taught makes the material more relatable as well as practical.

Collaborative Learning

To foster a sense of collaboration and cooperative learning, the training should include group activities, team challenges and discussions to foster a more interactive learning environment. This makes the training experience less isolating, creating a sense of shared endeavour and mutual support.

How can I make my training more interactive and engaging?

One way to make your company training more engaging is by creating compelling corporate training videos. These can use dynamic video production techniques to present training content in an exciting, interactive and engaging way.

What are corporate videos?

Corporate training videos are an incredible tool for delivering training content to your employers. They can cover any topic, with corporate video examples including compliance, onboarding, skill development, and product knowledge. They convey information clearly and engagingly, using a variety of video production techniques that help to inform understanding and aid retention.

What should be included in a training video?

A corporate training video should be engaging, informative, and designed to meet your learning goals. In most cases, effective corporate video training examples will include:

Clear Objectives

It can be helpful to set out clear learning objectives at the beginning of the video. This gives learners a clear roadmap for the journey, helping them know what to expect.

Narrative Structure

Corporate training videos should have a clear and compelling narrative structure that follows a logical sequence. The training content should tell a story that captures the attention of the audience while ensuring the learning experience is cohesive.

Varied Content

To keep the video interesting it should include a variety of content, such as demonstrations, case studies and interviews. This prevents the content from becoming too monotonous and supports different learning styles.

Engaging Visuals

It’s important to remember that video is a visual medium so it should be used to its fullest potential. Use high-quality visuals, animation and graphics to make the content more appealing. Visual elements can help to break down and explain complex concepts and information to your audience.

Create engaging corporate training videos with Eight Engines

At Eight Engines, we work with a varied range of clients to create engaging, informative and exciting learning content. We bring professional TV and film production values to corporate training videos to develop video content that you can use for years to come.

We understand that creating corporate training content is a significant investment for any company, so we make sure you get it right the first time.

If you’re looking to make your company training fun, as well as informative, then we’re ready to help.

Contact us today to find out more about our full range of corporate video production services.


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