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How do you make a storyboard for corporate video?

How do you make a storyboard for corporate video?

A storyboard plays a critical role in the development of corporate video. It is an essential stage in the development process, enabling you to develop a strong framework for your ideas.  It provides a visual representation of the entire video, acting as a blueprint that help you avoid costly mistakes during production. A Corporate video storyboard can ensure that resources are allocated efficiently, while giving you scope to experiment with different ideas.

How do you make a corporate video storyboard and what should be included?

How do you make a storyboard for a corporate video?

Having a well-crafted storyboard can help to streamline the video production process.  It begins with an understanding of the purpose of your video and defining your goals. Consider your target audience and the key messages you want to communicate.

You can then brainstorm ideas, generating multiple concepts for your video. It can be helpful to explore different angles and approaches, before carefully selecting the right one for your project.

The next step is to create a timeline where you outline the sequence of scenes or shots. Decide on how the video will flow and the pacing you will use. You can then start drawing, using simple shapes and figures to represent characters and objects. This can be done digitally or by hand if you prefer. Text details, including brief descriptions of dialogue for each scene can be added, alongside any specific camera angles or movements.

Once your corporate video storyboard has reached this stage you can then share it with key stakeholders for feedback, refining and revising your storyboard if required.

What should be included in a corporate video storyboard?

Your corporate video storyboard should include a number of key elements:

Easy-to-Understand Visuals

Keep your storyboard simple and clear, using sketches or illustrations to represent each scene or shot.

Written Information

A brief description for each scene along with dialogue, voiceover, or important details should be included. Any specific camera movements should also be detailed.

Subject & Action

Clearly depict the subject and their action in each scene.

Camera Perspective

Where is the camera in each scene? Is it up-close or further away?

Five easy steps to create a storyboard for a corporate video

1. Choose Your Medium

Decide whether you’ll create your corporate video storyboard digitally or on paper. Digital tools such as Studio Binder or Illustration allow for easy editing and sharing.

2. Shot Compositions

Consider the composition of your shot. Will it be close-up, wide shot, or perhaps something in between? Think about visual balance and framing.

3. Include Key Elements

Highlight any props, backgrounds, or visual elements that are specific to each scene. It’s also important to ensure consistency across shots.

4. Share Your Storyboard

Show your storyboard to key stakeholders in the project, explaining your ideas and asking for their feedback.

5. Refine & Review

Finally, it’s time to refine and review your storyboard taking into account any feedback that you have received.

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