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How much do video production companies charge?

How much do video production companies charge?

 We get asked this question constantly, and the honest answer is, without knowing the details of your project and what you’re trying to achieve with it we won’t have a clue!

The first thing to realise is that, a great film relies on having the right crew and equipment. One of the first things we will ask is “what budget do you have in mind”. When we ask that we’re not being greedy and thinking about out our next holiday, we’re trying to figure out the best way to maximise the resources we have available to meet your goals.

Maximising the budget

Every good production company will maximise your budget to ensure as much of it as possible makes it into the finished product.

A film shoot is broken down into various different departments and crew members, every shoot will need at least:

  • someone to direct
  • someone to produce
  • someone to film
  • someone to record audio
  • someone to manage the lighting
  • someone to edit it
  • someone to do the sound design
  • someone to do the music
  • someone to deal with the colour grade.

On very small shoots this may all be the same person and on larger shoots there may be departments for three or four people managing each part of these roles so film shoots can range in price for about £1500 to £290.97 million (the cost of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the most expensive film ever made).

How are these elements priced?

What we can explain is how video shoots are priced and how to get the most value for money for your project.

The easiest way to maximise a budget is to understand that in the film world everything is charged by the day - equipment, crew, and locations all charge daily rates, so make sure you use them. If you need to film a video which might only take three hours, think about the best way to fill the rest of the day.

We always say to our clients “don’t think in terms of a video, think in terms of a series”. You may have a great film planned out that you want to forefront, but if there’s time left in the day, why not film some additional content for social media content to build buzz around your main film or to talk about a different aspect of your company.

Always ask your production company for a line by line budget, listing where your money is being spent. That way you can see exactly how everything is broken down, sure it might seems a little alien to you but a good production company will always explain what each item does and why it’s important for the video.

Alternative choices

We actually do offer a way to reduce the costs of filming by removing the pressure to film for a full day.

Our project, Cut Through The Noise, allows works by splitting a lot of the costs associated with high quality video content across several different businesses. Instead of paying for the crew, the equipment and the location for full day, you only pay for the time you use, meaning more cost effective content for your marketing strategy.

Prices start at £1000 for three videos and can be tailored to match the needs of your project.


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