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How to boost Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with video

How to boost Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with video

Over recent decades corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been increasingly in the spotlight. In an interconnected world with a free flow of information, it’s never been more important to act responsibly as a company. Failing to live up to consumer and business expectations can quickly result in negative consequences for your reputation. Even the most resilient companies with dominating market shares can quickly find themselves suffering income losses as a result of negative publicity.

That’s why more and more companies are being proactive when it comes to CSR, going the extra mile to act responsibly and set themselves apart from some of their competitors. If you’re doing things from a CSR perspective it’s important that this is communicated to your potential customers, business partners and clients.

Corporate social responsibility videos can be an effective way to tell a positive story about your company’s approach to CSR.

Why is CSR so popular?

CSR has come to the forefront of business for a wide range of reasons. As consumers become more knowledgeable and discerning about the products and services they use, they are asking more questions about the businesses they buy from. Consumers are increasingly choosing to support companies which align positively with their values, or at the very least, to avoid companies that appear to contravene them.

CSR initiatives help to create a positive corporate image, fostering trust among consumers and other stakeholders. Employees can be more engaged as CSR gives them a stronger sense of purpose and pride in their workplace.

Finally, proactive CSR reduces risks related to social, environmental and governance issues, for which companies may be held accountable by shareholders or regulators.

How do you promote CSR?

If your company has a good story to tell about its CSR policies, then it’s important that this is shared widely.

CSR should be embedded into your marketing, helping to shape your brand identity and future strategy. Using marketing tools such as social media platforms, consumer and employee testimonials, and positive partnerships with organisations that create social and environmental capital can all be helpful.

Corporate social responsibility video can be a particularly powerful way to tell your CSR story, sharing how the company gets involved and the impact it has.

What can be done to improve CSR visibility?

There are a number of practical steps companies can take to improve their CSR visibility. By clearly communicating CSR goals, strategies and outcomes, companies can build trust, making it more likely that stakeholders will engage with your CSR priorities. Regular updates using tools such as corporate social responsibility videos can demonstrate the ongoing commitment of your company to social responsibility.

Compelling Corporate Social Responsibility videos from Eight Engines

If you have a strong CSR story to tell, then Eight Engines wants to hear from you. Our corporate video production team can help you improve your CSR visibility, foster engagement and develop brand loyalty. Bringing professional video production techniques to your CSR video content gives you the best chance of success.

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