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How to create a company showreel video

How to create a company showreel video

Corporate showreel videos are an essential part of telling your business story. They act as a compelling visual showcase of your company’s history, achievements, products, services and culture. They help to strengthen your brand identity, fostering greater awareness about your company, and the positive reasons why someone should choose to buy from it, partner with it, or work with it.

What exactly is a corporate showreel and how can companies go about creating compelling corporate showreel videos that tell their story and generate interest?

What is a Corporate Showreel?

A corporate showreel is a concise video highlighting the history, key accomplishments, values, identity and product offerings of a company. It can act as an introduction to the company, providing a compelling snapshot of its capabilities. It should aim to create a positive and memorable impression on partners, clients and potential investors or customers.

How Do You Make a Showreel Video?

Making a showreel video requires creativity, technical skills and strategy, to ensure it has the intended impact.

The key elements that will be followed include:

Defining Objectives

The goals of your showreel should be clearly identified and defined, whether it’s attracting new clients, showcasing your company culture, or introducing yourself to a wider target audience or a new market.

Storyboarding & Scripting

A storyboard and script detail the flow of your showreel. Video corporate messages need to be concise, clear and compelling, using visuals that align with your brand identity and objectives.

High-Quality Footage

A company showreel video should use high-quality footage from successful projects, behind-the-scenes shots, company events, and other elements that tell the story of your organisation.

Professional Editing

Professional editing brings it all together, ensuring that the completed showreel meets your objectives, has smooth transitions, appropriate music and narration. At this stage, branding elements such as logos and colour schemes may be added to reinforce your brand identity and ensure recall.

What should be included in a corporate showreel?

A corporate showreel video is a flexible format that can be modified and developed to suit the particular needs of the company and its goals. Typically, a corporate showreel video will touch briefly on the history of the company, its key achievements and company culture. It may showcase a range of projects, products and services.  It could include testimonials from clients, customers and investors, providing tangible proof of your company’s expertise. It will nearly always include a Call to Action, whether it’s inviting viewers to visit your website, sign up for your mailing lists, book a meeting or follow you on social media.

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