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How to create a teaser video for your brand?

How to create a teaser video for your brand?

 If you’re opening a new shop, launching a new product line or having a big brand announcement, then a brand teaser video can be a great tool to generate interest. These are short promotional videos designed to spark curiosity and generate a sense of anticipation. It gives people a sneak peek into what’s in the pipeline, hopefully leaving them intrigued and eager to learn more. They are designed to capture attention within a short space of time.

What is the purpose of a teaser video?

Teaser videos should generate a buzz around whatever is coming next. It serves as the first stage of a marketing campaign, piquing the interest of your audience. A well-designed brand teaser video should create a sense of curiosity and excitement. It should create awareness, engage the target audience and leave them wanting to know more.

What should be included in a teaser video?

A brand teaser video is, by definition, relatively brief which means you need to get your message across quickly:

The Hook

Begin with an intriguing hook that raises questions, a compelling statement or a captivating visual. Grab their attention and make them want to keep watching.

The Overview

You should then move on to a concise overview of what the brand teaser video is all about. How much do you want to reveal at this stage? Your overview shouldn’t give the game away but should let people have enough information to keep them interested.

Visual Impact

Your teaser video should be visually compelling. Whether you opt for live footage, animation or other techniques, your visuals should be aligned with the brand's identity and effectively communicate the desired message.

Add Some Suspense

Everyone loves a cliffhanger so don’t give everything away all at once.  Leave your audience wanting to know when further information will be released and how they can find out more.

Call To Action

You’ve got the interest of your audience so what comes next? Do you want people to follow your social media, sign up for an email list or something else? End with a strong call to action.

How do I make a company teaser?

Making compelling brand teaser videos begins with a clear objective. Determine what specific announcement, launch or event you want to promote and what you want to prompt the audience to do.

What are the unique selling points of your announcement that make it special and why should people be interested? These should be the focal point of your brand teaser video.

A storyboard should be developed, before moving on to filming and editing. The finished product should be optimised for different platforms and released in time to create anticipation for the big announcement to follow.

Create a professional brand teaser video with Eight Engines

At Eight Engines, we understand how to tell compelling stories, spark interest and keep your audience captivated. We bring TV and film production standards to every project we work on and we can help turn your ideas into powerful video content that fires up your marketing.

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