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How to create an exceptional promotional video for your company

How to create an exceptional promotional video for your company

If you want to give your company the best platform to build and grow, then it’s time to get serious about video. Marketing videos are now an essential part of any marketing strategy. They’re an accessible way to showcase your company, brand, products and services across various platforms. They can be easily shared and help people to build an emotional attachment to your company. A great way to get started with video content is through a company promotional video.

Why create a promotional video?

The statistics speak for themselves. In 2022, 82% of global internet traffic came from video, rising to a staggering 91% by 2024. Promotional video is making up a significant proportion of this total with 97% of marketers stating that video has helped improve understanding of their product or service and 76% saying it has helped them increase sales and revenue.

Promotional video content can have a direct and immediate impact, grabbing audience attention whether they’re at home, on the bus or wiling away a few moments in a cafe.

If you’re only producing written or static visual content for your marketing channels, then it’s increasingly less likely to drive the kind of engagement you might hope for. A company promotional video can be a great place to start with video content, introducing your brand, products or services to your target audience in an accessible way.

Do promotional videos work?

Promotional videos deliver real results for companies. The ultimate test of any marketing campaign is return on investment (ROI), and with that, promotional video has a positive story to tell. Surveys consistently show that companies are satisfied with the ROI delivered by video, with marketers stating that video has helped to increase sales and attract new customers.

A promotional video gives you a compelling tool with which to introduce your company, products and services to new customers. It helps to build credibility and trust, showcasing something of the company behind the products. Through storytelling elements, a company promotional video can create an emotional connection with the audience that fosters and supports long-term engagement.

Promotional videos are highly versatile and can be used across different platforms and marketing channels. Your promotional video can increase the click rate on your email campaigns, drive subscribers to your social media feeds and introduce your company via your website. An engaging promotional video is likely to be shared on social media, extending your reach and introducing your message to a broader audience.

Video also raises your SEO game, with Google and other search engines now prioritising multimedia content. Well-optimised promotional videos will improve your website’s visibility in search results.

What is the difference between a promotional video and a commercial?

A company promotional video and a commercial share similarities, but ultimately have different characteristics that reflect their different purposes.  A commercial is typically focused on selling a particular product or service. Its scope is narrower and the results it’s looking to achieve are more focused.

A company promotional video acts as a broader showcase of a company’s brand identity, its products and services. It will often provide a more comprehensive overview of the company and may not focus on a specific product or promotion. A promotional video might feature a company’s history, team members, the brand’s values and overall image. It aims to build a positive association with the brand and may act as an introduction to the company for a wider audience.

Once you’ve established your company story, values and brand identity with your audience and created an emotional connection, you can then build upon it through your marketing. Your subsequent commercials and other video content are much more likely to connect with an audience that already understands something about what you offer.

How to make a promotional video

An effective promotional video takes creativity, planning and technical know-how. It’s easy to get it wrong, and a poorly executed company promotional video is unlikely to deliver the kind of results you might have hoped for.

If you’re serious about making an impact with your company promotional video, then it’s important to work with a professional video production company. At Eight Engines, our corporate video production team brings a wealth of film and TV expertise to every project.

We work with you to create compelling video content that engages your audience from the first second and creates a platform for your future success.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you create a promotional video that stands out from the competition.


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