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How to describe your company culture through video

How to describe your company culture through video

 A company’s culture will have a huge impact on how your company is perceived. Developing and then communicating that culture to employees, business partners and other stakeholders is crucial.

Video can be an effective tool to help establish and communicate a positive company culture. It can be used to describe company culture in a clear and immediate way, using a variety of visual and audio tools to get the message across. If you’re considering how to describe your company culture in an engaging way, then opting for video can be an intelligent option.

How would you describe a company's culture?

A company’s culture refers to the shared values, beliefs, and behaviours that shape the working environment and guide the actions of its employees. It is comprehensive, encompassing everything from the organisation’s mission and vision to its communication style, work ethic and employee relationships.

Culture is sometimes referred to as the personality of a business, and it can play a crucial role in attracting talent, fostering employee engagement, driving productivity, engaging with the public and ultimately supporting business success.

What is a good example of company culture?

There are countless examples of companies that have strong cultures, such as Google, John Lewis and Disney. Google, in particular, is known for its innovative, collaborative and fun-loving culture. This is reflected in office design as well as its range of policies and benefits. At the heart of Google's company culture are values such as creativity and transparency, encouraging a risk-taking, experimental culture within its workforce.

This culture has enabled Google to attract top talent in a competitive recruitment market, drive innovation and retain its position as a leader in the tech industry. As well as well-known companies, Glassdoor have compiled a list of the companies with the best company cultures in the UK.

What is a company culture video?

A company culture video will usually be a short video providing an inside look into the culture of an organisation. It will typically feature footage of the work environment, interviews with employees, and tangible examples of how the values of the organisation are seen in action.

The goal of a company culture video is to showcase how the company is unique, its values and how those values are lived out on a daily basis. It shows potential employees, business partners and other stakeholders what the organisation is like and what it means to work for or with them.

What makes for a good company culture video?

Before you begin, you should have a clear idea of how to describe your company culture. This will help to ensure that your completed video is clear, concise and informative.

It should feel genuine and authentic, communicating real enthusiasm for the company and what it stands for. It should present a compelling narrative, making use of storytelling techniques, and setting out how the company culture has developed and evolved.

Good company culture videos are visually engaging without detracting from the central message and goal of the video. It should also evoke positive emotions, giving the viewer a tangible feeling about what the company is attempting to achieve through its culture.

Working with a professional video production company like Eight Engines will ensure your company culture video meets all of your goals and objectives.

Benefits of company culture videos

Finding ways to describe the culture of a company can be challenging but a company culture video provides an effective solution. The production process encourages participants to think about the company culture, helping to distill its aims and values into something understandable and accessible.

The finished video can then provide an outstanding showcase of what your company is all about. If you’re looking for how to complement a company culture, then video is a flexible medium, communicating your core message to existing and potential employees, business partners and other stakeholders.

Communicate your company culture with Eight Engines

At Eight Engines, we understand how important it is to get your message across in an engaging way. Our highly experienced corporate video production team combines extensive experience in creating videos for our commercial clients with experience in the TV and film industry. They bring this industry-leading knowledge to every project, ensuring that companies can communicate their message whatever their budget and ambition.

We take time to learn about our clients’ businesses, what makes them tick, their goals and motivations. Only then do we begin developing our ideas.

Contact us to find out more about what we do and how we can help.


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