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How to use video for brand storytelling

How to use video for brand storytelling

 Building a memorable brand that inspires customer loyalty can be a complex task that involves a range of elements and potential strategies. One such strategy is brand storytelling. This can help your target audience better understand your business and why they should care about it.

What exactly is brand storytelling and what role can brand storytelling video play in communicating your brand story to your target audience?

What is brand storytelling?

Brand storytelling is a uniquely powerful marketing tool that uses narrative storytelling techniques to convey the values and personality of your brand. It tells a coherent and compelling story about your brand and your business that helps to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Products and services are not necessarily front and centre. Instead, it focuses on the bigger picture behind the brand, what inspired you to start in business, your story so far and why your brand is different.

What makes good brand storytelling?

Good brand storytelling is authentic. Increasingly, consumers are looking for authenticity from brands and want to feel good about their choices. Audiences have never been so marketing savvy and can be quick to spot inauthentic narratives.

The brand story you tell should closely align with the values, mission and identity of your brand. It should balance communicating facts about your brand story while appealing to the emotions, be that joy, inspiration or empathy.

Finally, good brand storytelling should always be memorable. You may only have one chance to make a first impression which is what makes a brand storytelling video such a valuable tool.

What are the four elements of brand storytelling?

Telling a compelling story involves a number of critical elements, These include:


Good stories have great characters. Who are the characters in your story? Is it the business founder, an inspirational figure, the products or perhaps even your audience? Decide who will be central to your story and why.


All good stories have conflict at their heart. Perhaps a business was founded after redundancy, or from frustration at what was currently available. What was the ‘grist in the mill’ that kickstarted the business journey?


All good stories have a clear beginning, middle and end and it’s no different to your brand story. A well-structured, well-paced plot adds coherence to the narrative and keeps your audience engaged.


The resolution details how you overcame the initial challenges to create your brand. It should be positive, optimistic and provide a sense of achievement.

What is a brand story video?

A brand storytelling video combines storytelling techniques with audiovisual elements to engage your audience. They can take various forms, such as live-action narratives or animated videos, but should be compelling.

How do you make a brand storytelling video?

A professional brand storytelling video uses a variety of production techniques to create a compelling narrative that your target audience can engage with. While it’s never been easier to produce marketing videos for your business, creating video material that cuts through in a crowded market takes creativity and expertise.

At Eight Engines, our brand video production team can help you tell your brand story in a compelling way. We bring film and TV production techniques and standards to every project we work on, ensuring your story has the best possible platform from which to shine.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help.


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