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How video can improve internal communication within an organisation

How video can improve internal communication within an organisation

Successful organisations will usually possess a strong framework of coherent internal communications. Communication channels work well, enabling different people across the organisation to develop and swap ideas, raise concerns, and communicate new policies and approaches. New team members are effectively onboarded, given the training and guidance they need to have an immediate impact.

While effective internal communication is desirable, it can be much more difficult to achieve. As organisations grow larger, particularly when they are spread over different sites, good communication can be a challenge. Finding ways to communicate effectively is essential for the success of businesses of all sizes.

What can organisations do to improve their internal communication?

How can an organisation improve internal communication?

There are a range of strategies that organisations can use to enhance their internal communication. This might include regular meetings, newsletters, and online platforms. One powerful tool for enhancing communication is internal communication video.

What are internal communication videos?

Internal communication videos are audiovisual content created specifically for communicating information, updates, announcements, training materials, and company messages within an organisation. They are flexible tools that can be used for training sessions, departmental updates, addresses from the CEO and product information.

Why use video for internal communications?

Internal communication video is a powerful tool for establishing effective communication across organisations of all sizes for a number of key reasons:


Video content is highly engaging and memorable when compared to text-based communication. It has both a visual and auditory appeal, making it more effective at conveying complex information to different learners.


It’s never been easier to access video content wherever you are. Employees are likely to engage with video content on a daily basis, making them receptive to internal video communication.

Demonstration & Training

Video is the perfect medium for demonstrating processes, procedures, new ways of working, and technologies. It can provide a visual step-by-step guide that is more effective than written manuals, particularly for hand-on-tasks or software tutorials.

Cost & Time Effective

Creating high-quality internal communication videos do require an initial investment that can be cost effective in the long run. Once created, videos can be reused for training purposes, reducing the need for in-person sessions. Internal communication video can ultimately save your organisation time and money.

The best ways to use videos for internal communication

Internal communication videos are a flexible tool that can encompass a variety of strategies that enhance engagement, promote transparency, spread information, and foster inclusion within the organisation. This might include regular messages from senior leadership to communicate company updates, interactive training modules for onboarding and professional development, as well as culture building videos to showcase company values.

By employing different approaches, companies can use the power of video to effectively convey information and connect with employees, creating a positive and cohesive work environment.

Effective internal communication video from Eight Engines

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