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How videos for social media can help boost interest in corporate businesses

How videos for social media can help boost interest in corporate businesses

 Ever since the emergence of film over a hundred years ago, the moving picture has grabbed our attention like nothing else. From those first stuttering images, to mass cinema-going, to a TV in every home and now readily accessible video content of all kinds on our phones, the moving image is undoubtedly king.


Despite this, many businesses are still reluctant to embrace video content. Social media has made it easier for businesses to communicate their message and with every passing year social media is becoming more and more video driven.

If you want to get noticed you need to incorporate video into your social media content.

Still not convinced? Then read on.


Video content is king because it gets results

When it comes to social media, video content is the new king. According to research published by Hubspot, 92% of marketers who make use of video as part of their social media say it’s an important part of their strategy.

When businesses make the shift to video content they very rarely shift back, with 99% of those using video claiming they will continue to do so. 95% are considering increasing their investment in video content in the near future.

The reason for these figures is not just blind loyalty to the visual image. They reflect the fact that video content drives results. Video content is taking over the marketing world and it looks like it’s a trend that’s here to stay.


Why is video content such an important part of a social media marketing strategy?

Video content is now integral to marketing campaigns, particularly those skewed towards a younger demographic. It’s important to remember, however, that the fastest growing users of social media, particularly Facebook, are middle aged and older.

These consumers are just as likely to be engaged and encouraged by video content as anyone else.


An excellent return on investment

One reason why video content is so popular is that it represents an excellent return on investment.  Hubspot research found that an incredible 88% of companies reported a positive return on their video marketing investment.  In 2015 the numbers reporting a similar positive return were around a third. This illustrates just how far video marketing has come over recent years and indicates a clear direction of travel. For many marketers, creating video content is like pushing at an open door in terms of customer response. Customers are primed and expecting to see video content from brands that interest them.


Video content helps businesses reach new audiences

 Whereas Millennials were once the focus of marketing strategies, these days it’s all about Generation Z. This is the generation, born around the turn of the Millennium who are rapidly coming of age. The oldest of this cohort are now leaving college and university, moving into work and looking at setting up home.

They have a distinct outlook on life and have grown up with the internet and social media as an integral part of their lives. One startling statistic is that Generation Z spends a whopping 3.4 hours a day online consuming video content.


This group and the one immediately following will be the consumers of the future. How to reach them is now exercising marketers the world over and video embedded into social media is playing a key part of the answer.


Video helps your brand tell a story

Video content allows you to tell a story about your business in a direct and engaging way. Framing your marketing message as a story can help foster an emotional connection with your brand.


A classic example of this is the Intel - ‘Meet The Makers’ campaign. This focused on how different companies and individuals were making use of Intel technology to create something useful, transformative and revolutionary. It connected the Intel story, which could perhaps be a little dry and difficult to engage with, to tangible end results that were impacting on the way people live. It soon went viral and helped deepen the understanding of consumers with the Intel technology they used every day without ever giving it much thought. One of the keys to its success was that people wanted to watch the videos. It wasn’t just advertising prompting disinterest or defensiveness. It had something genuinely interesting to say about the Intel brand and its real world impact.


What compelling story would you like to tell about your brand?


Video helps to build trust

Brands can use video to position themselves, challenge existing ideas about their products and services, show personality and reach new audiences. With the ability to easily share content, by making something which is funny or engaging you also increase the chances of people sharing your content.  How can you make your video content so engaging that people feel compelled to hit share?


Video gives you data and insights

Posting video to your social media channels immediately gives you access to a range of data and analytics that can provide real insight into how your marketing strategy is faring. It also allows you to create tailored information and calls to action based on how users respond to your content.

Viewers who watched your videos all the way through clearly have some interest in the brand and what you offer. You can shape your marketing approach towards them accordingly. A friendly, more intimate approach might work with people who have shown some degree of engagement.

How do you turn that engagement into something more solid and long-lasting? Perhaps you could reward them with a targeted special offer related to the content of your video marketing?

People who left the video half-way through clearly have some interest in your brand but might need some extra work and encouragement to become customers. You could then send them information about your products that’s designed to engage with that interest.


Another immediate way in which you’ll be able gauge the response to your video content is the replies you receive via social media. Are they encouraging? A complete lack of replies or engagement might tell its own story.

Video content allows for evolution and tailoring as your strategy meets your customers.


Let Eight Engines create engaging video content for your social media channels

Whether it’s videos showcasing products, telling your brand story, announcing a new development or showing testimonials, Eight Engines can help you create video content that gets results.

We can guide you through the process, using our experience of what works, what’s current and what’s most likely to work with your target audience.

If you’d like to learn more about how we work and how video production in Manchester can help to transform your marketing strategy don’t hesitate to contact us.


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