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Rebrand vs Brand Refresh

Rebrand vs Brand Refresh

 Rebranding or a brand refresh can both help a tired, underperforming brand rediscover new energy and appeal to its target market. While both terms are frequently used interchangeably, they are in fact different strategies for giving a brand a new lease of life.

When it comes to considering rebranding vs brand refresh there is a range of different factors that businesses need to consider.

Why would you need a brand refresh?

A brand refresh builds on the previous success of a brand that may well now be underperforming. It recognises the achievements of the initial branding exercise and looks at how it’s performed over time. It focuses on those elements that are still working well, and other aspects of the brand identity that no longer perform as well as they once did.

A brand refresh may be necessary due to changing market conditions, increased competition or the repositioning of your brand. Over time, inconsistencies can develop in your branding messages that are confusing for your audience. A brand refresh can streamline these messages, removing elements that muddle your brand identity.

In some instances, initial branding may have inadvertently created copyright issues with existing established brands, forcing a brand refresh or more thoroughgoing rebranding to take place.

When it comes to brand refresh vs rebrand what factors will you need to consider?

Why would you need a rebrand?

A rebrand is a more thorough branding exercise where the brand is built from the bottom up with very little of the initial branding being retained. The reason for doing this will usually be because the original brand is now failing to engage its target audience.

Rebranding may become essential if an existing brand identity has become outdated, or no longer aligns with changing consumer values. It may even have developed a negative public perception.

Rebranding may also be considered when a company is entering into new markets or faces legal issues. Often rebranding takes place when a company has innovated and evolved so much that its products and services now differ considerably from those on which the original branding was based.

Rebrand vs Brand Refresh: Which one is best for my business?

Whether you opt for a brand refresh or a complete rebrand will depend on a number of factors. The most significant will be the extent to which your brand is failing to connect with target customers as it once did. If you find you have a dwindling market share in the face of new competition but your brand is still valued by your target market, then the evolution of a brand refresh may be more appropriate than a complete rebranding.

Rebranding is a significant strategic undertaking that will usually only be considered when the initial branding is no longer appropriate in its entirety. If you’re looking to completely relaunch your brand, your original mission has changed and evolved, or you're entering new markets, then investment in terms of time and money in a full rebrand may be beneficial.

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