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The different types of corporate videos and their uses

The different types of corporate videos and their uses

Corporate videos are a powerful and flexible tool for companies to communicate. They have been developed to meet different needs, helping brands to get the message across to a variety of audiences, both internally and externally. There are a multitude of different types of corporate videos serving a range of purposes from brand promotion to internal training.

If your company is considering investing in corporate video it’s helpful to understand the different types of corporate videos to help you decide which might serve your company objectives.

What are the different types of corporate videos?

The types of corporate videos you could choose to create are practically limitless. Here are some of the most common:

Company Showreels

Company showreels introduce your business to external audiences, potential clients and investors. They tell the story of your business, its history, mission, values and key achievements.

Brand Identity

You’ve established a compelling brand identity that showcases why you’re unique. A brand identity video captures the excitement and uniqueness of your brand and communicates it to potential customers and other stakeholders.

Product Explainers

Introduce your new products and services to existing and potential customers with product explainer videos. These highlight the story, features, benefits and usage of your product, helping to aid customer understanding and generating interest.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos allow you to showcase satisfied customers, allowing them to tell their own story about using your products or working with your company. These can be compelling and reassuring for potential customers who want to understand more about your track record.

Employee Spotlight Videos

Your team are what makes your company who it is, and employee spotlight videos showcase what it is they do. These put a team member in the spotlight, highlighting why their roles are important and what they bring to it. These can be used to communicate something about your company culture both internally and externally.

Training Videos

If you’re onboarding new staff, introducing new systems, or otherwise need to carry out essential staff training, then having your own bespoke training videos to hand makes it simpler.

Internal Communications

If you have a large organisation where key developments are happening, such as relocations, new policies, working practices, product launches or changes to ownership, then video is an efficient way to communicate.

Event Videos

While events may be limited by venue size and geography, event videos allow you to share the excitement with a much wider audience.

Corporate Responsibility Videos

If your company is making great strides when it comes to corporate responsibility, then this has to be communicated. Corporate responsibility videos are a great way to set out your values and showcase what this means in practice.

Recruitment Videos

To attract the best talent and generate excitement about working for your organisation takes real skill. Recruitment videos allow you to showcase why working for your company would be a good move for ambitious and talented people.

Detailed Explainers

If you have products that are new, innovative or complex, then detailed explainer videos can be a useful tool to help potential customers understand their benefits. These may incorporate animated or graphic elements to make complex ideas simpler and easier to grasp.

Create compelling corporate videos with Eight Engines

The experienced corporate video production team at Eight Engines can help you create compelling corporate videos that help you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re looking to recruit, tell your brand story, showcase a new product, or capture the excitement of an event, we can help. Bringing TV and film production values and the most innovative techniques, we make corporate videos that give your organisation the edge.

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