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Video content for luxury brands

Video content for luxury brands

 Video content is increasingly important as a powerful marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. For luxury brands, it represents a unique way to encourage engagement, captivate would-be customers and create a narrative that attracts discerning customers who value quality.

Crafting video content tailored to luxury brands is not just about showcasing products. It’s also about telling a compelling story, invoking emotions, and building an aura of exclusivity.

How do you create compelling video content that ensures your brand is desirable to your targeted customers?

How do you attract luxury customers?

Luxury brand videos that attract luxury customers will usually have a number of consistent components. These include:

  • Aspirational Storytelling

Luxury brands will often use aspirational storytelling to attract customers. Luxury brand videos will create narratives that go beyond the products, focusing on aspects of the product such as exclusivity, craftsmanship and heritage.

  • Beautiful Visuals

High-quality visuals and aesthetics are an essential component of luxury brand videos. Attention needs to be paid to elements such as cinematography, lighting and overall aesthetics, ensuring that even the smallest details convey luxury and desirability.

  • Influential Partnerships

Luxury customers often place trust in influential individuals, be they social media influencers or personalities. Luxury brands will often feature these individuals in their video content, forming influential partnerships that speak to the aspirations and expectations of their shared target audience.

  • Exclusive Events

Exclusive events, either hosted or sponsored by the brand, can be a valuable source of high-quality video content. Behind-the-scenes glimpses, interviews with people in attendance, and video backstage passes all help to reinforce the brand’s exclusive and pique audience interest.

How do you create content for a luxury brand?

Luxury brand videos are often highly artistic pieces of work in their own right, blurring the line between marketing and art. They will frequently incorporate unique compositions and visuals to help elevate the content.

Compelling stories are at the heart of luxury content creation. Luxury brand videos contain narratives that convey the brand’s history and values that resonate with the target audience.

Luxury brand videos will often highlight the craftsmanship behind the brand, highlighting the precision, and dedication that go into creating each product. The use of close-ups and slow-motion shots can accentuate this appeal.

Luxury brand customers expect marketing materials from their favourite brands to have the highest professional standards. Luxury brand videos need to be produced by professional production teams ideally with experience in film and TV production.

How do you promote luxury brands on social media?

Because of the exclusivity associated with luxury brands, the choice of social media platform needs to be carefully selected. It should be the platform where your target audience is most likely to be found. Consistency across visual style, tone and messaging is essential to maintaining the brand’s identity.

Many luxury brands will choose to collaborate with influencers who align with their brand values and identity. This can help to extend reach and build credibility. Many luxury brands will create exclusive content such as time-limited offers and previews to help strengthen their connection with the target audience.

Luxury brands will often opt for paid advertising as part of their social media strategy enabling them to effectively reach their target demographic.

Video content for luxury brands from Eight Engines

At Eight Engines, we work with luxury and aspirational brands to create quality video content with professional production standards.

If you’re looking to tell a compelling and aspirational story for your luxury brand, then our experienced team can help.

Our talented brand video production team makes the process simple while ensuring the maximum return on your investment.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.


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