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What should be included in a product video?

What should be included in a product video?

 A product video is a great way to introduce your products to your target audience. They are a compelling way to communicate what’s so special about your product, its benefits and value proposition. They use a range of elements, such as visuals, audio, and storytelling to capture viewer attention, and create emotional connections.

Product videos are better able to clarify complex concepts, answer common questions, and showcase unique selling points. They’re highly versatile and can be shared across a variety of platforms. With mobile video consumption on the rise, powerful product videos can be accessed by anyone with an internet-connected device.

A product video needs to be compelling and as well as informative. You can’t include everything about the product in your video so you need to be selective

What to include in a product video

A product video is a flexible medium and will reflect the particular attributes of the product as well as the preferences of the target audience. Some common elements include:

  • Begin with the problem

If your product is designed to address a particular need or problem faced by the customer, then this should be outlined at the beginning of the video. By showing you understand the specific issue that your target customers are facing, you will gain their attention.

  • Offer a solution

You can then introduce your product and highlight how it addresses the needs of your customers as outlined in your opening.

  • Choose a key feature

Successful product videos will often choose to focus on a key feature of the product. This will be its standout feature and the one that differentiates the product from some of the alternatives.

  • Show and tell

As well as telling your viewers about what your product can do for them, make sure you show it in action. Let your audience get a sense of how your product works, be that through a demonstration, tutorial or explainer. Showing customers using your product can be even more compelling for your target audience.

  • Add value

If time will allow you can add some more detailed information about your product and your brand. This should support the key proposition of your product and how it will help customers solve their problem or fulfill a particular need.

  • Call to action

After your target audience has watched your video, what do you want them to do next? Add a call to action that is strong and compelling, whether that’s requesting further information, following social media channels, or making a purchase.

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