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Why a small business needs a brand identity

Why a small business needs a brand identity

 How your business is perceived by your target customers will be a significant factor in its success. That perception is not just about the kind of products, services and customer service that you provide, it’s also about a range of less tangible factors. Branding is a set of tools and techniques that help to shape the perception of your brand in the minds of your customers.

Terms such as branding, brand image and brand identity are all used interchangeably but they are in fact different. Brand identity refers to all of the visual elements that come together to establish a brand in the minds of its target audience. This can include but is not limited to, design, logo, and colour scheme.

Is brand identity for small business important?

The business pages of newspapers will often feature stories about established brands paying marketing companies vast amounts of money to revise and refresh their brand identity. This can all seem far removed from the daily struggles of the average small business. While marketing is an integral part of any business, a concept such as brand identity may at first seem irrelevant.

However, every sized business will have a brand identity whether they’ve given it much advance thought or not. People will perceive your brand through tangible visual factors and reach their own conclusions about your business and the service it provides. Thinking about brand identity for small business can help you shape that identity and how it impacts how you are perceived by customers. It’s a chance to set the agenda and differentiate your business from the competition.

It’s a chance to get creative, and brand identity for small business is not just for customers. A strong brand identity can help business owners and employees to develop a greater sense of loyalty, commitment and belonging to that brand. For instance, many customer-facing businesses will have a staff uniform; a highly tangible way for customers to see and recognise the brand identity.

How do you build a brand identity for small business?

Building a robust brand identity for small business begins with an understanding of your mission, your business values and your unique selling propositions. It will also reflect the tastes and preferences of your target market.

You should select a cohesive colour palette that aligns with your brand’s personality. If you’re aiming for young and vibrant, your choice of colour should reflect that. Similarly, if you’re aiming for a sober and trusted brand identity, you may choose more muted colours.

Your typography should complement your brand’s personality, as well as be readable. Your brand identity may also include other visual elements such as photography, logos and design.

Establishing your brand identity with marketing video

Marketing videos can play a critical role in establishing and reinforcing your brand identity. It allows you to visually represent your brand, tell its story, convey tone and foster emotional connection.

Versatile, and easy to share across social media platforms, they’re a great way to make your brand identity resonate effectively with your target audience.

At Eight Engines, we work with ambitious brands to establish a clear brand identity, foster emotional connection and grow their business. We bring professional production values to every project, ensuring you stand out from the competition.

Our talented brand video production team makes the process simple while giving you maximum return on your investment.

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