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Why corporate videos are important to your business

Why corporate videos are important to your business

Corporate videos are a flexible tool used for internal and external communications, supporting marketing strategies and building brand awareness.  As internet traffic becomes increasingly dominated by video content, the role of corporate video has become even more important.

There are numerous reasons why corporate video is important for your business, from showcasing products and services to conveying your brand identity. They play a pivotal role in engaging audiences and building sustainable success.

What is the purpose of a corporate video, why is corporate video important and what is the key message of a corporate video?

What is the purpose of a corporate video?

The first thing to understand about why corporate video is important is that they are highly flexible. They have a range of purposes, both internal and external, each of which can contribute to the overall health and success of your business.

Some of the key objectives of a corporate video can include:

Brand Awareness

Corporate video is one of the strongest means by which to build brand visibility. They present a visual narrative of your brand that establishes it with your target audience. They can act as a memorable visual extension of your brand identity.


Corporate video allows businesses to tell the story of their company, products and services. They can offer an insight into the history, values and company culture that makes the brand different. They can establish personal connections that resonate with audiences and build loyalty.

Building Credibility

Building trust in business is key to creating long-term sustainable success. Corporate videos can be used to provide information, insights and commentary that helps to establish the credibility of your company.

Educational Content

Whether used internally for onboarding and company training, or externally to communicate essential information about your products and services, video is an effective vehicle for educational content. Video has the potential to simplify and explain complex ideas and concepts using a range of audio-visual techniques.

Marketing & Promotion

The most common use of corporate video is as a marketing and promotional tool. Forming an integral part of marketing strategies, they can be used across a variety of platforms, are highly adaptable and easy to share. Marketing videos help you spread your brand reach, create a lasting impression and improve your SEO performance.

What is the key message of a corporate video?

Corporate videos are highly flexible tools for achieving a range of goals. The key message of your corporate video will differ depending on its particular purpose and overall objective. That’s why it’s important to spend some time considering your aim for each video you create. This will help shape the script, production and editing, helping to ensure that the finished product reflects your objectives.

Working with a professional video production company can help you identify key messages, and then give those messages the best chance of success.

Professional Corporate Video Production from Eight Engines

At Eight Engines, we’re passionate about helping businesses tell their story. Our corporate video production team brings professional TV and film production experience to every project, creating videos that go the extra mile for our clients.

Still wondering why corporate video is important? The team at Eight Engines will be happy to tell you more.

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