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Why Food and Hospitality businesses need video

Why Food and Hospitality businesses need video

 Video is dominating the internet and when it comes to marketing it really does have the edge. Video can make all the difference if you want to:

  • Increase engagement with your marketing
  • Inspire and motivate
  • Tell your brand story in a compelling way
  • Raise awareness about your business, products, events or industry


Restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses are all committed to creating experiences for their customers. Whether it’s incredible food, beautiful decor, luxurious getaways or boutique experiences, potential customers are looking to be inspired.

How can you best showcase what you have to offer?

Promotional videos for hospitality businesses are an effective means to generate custom for your business. By an intelligent and creative use of visuals, sound, music and human interest you can showcase all your hard work. Giving people an idea about what a visit to your business will be like can be a deciding factor when it comes to converting interest into a solid booking.


The food and drink industry is not just about great tastes, It’s also incredibly visual. Presentation really matters, and brands need to give their delicious products the very best opportunity to shine.

Food is about more than merely fuel. It engages all our senses and food marketing needs to reflect that. If you’re passionate about the products you manufacture, why not give them the best platform to shine?

Visuals matter when it comes to marketing food but why stop at static images when you can have video?  Food video marketing can whet the appetite, fire-up the taste buds and pull in the orders like nothing else. From short snappy videos which are easy to share, to longer form content that goes into more detail, there’s a variety of approaches you can take. If your food looks good then you’ve already got something amazing to work with.


Events play a huge part in the business model of most food and hospitality businesses. There’s a calendar of bank holidays, special events, local gatherings and other occasions that bring in the customers. Video can be used to promote your event giving people a flavour of what they can expect if they come along.


At times of the year when lots of businesses are competing for your custom, such as New Year or summer holidays, then an event video can give your business the edge over the competition. Think creatively and make event videos a part of your overall video marketing strategy.


If your venue offers the best food and drink around, has the most exciting entertainment and the best space to celebrate then what better way to demonstrate that than with video?


If you’re running a food business then recipe videos can be a great way to showcase your products. They provide inspiration, giving a tactile snapshot of how they can be used to create delicious meals.

Recipe videos are a soft form of marketing that puts direct selling at the back of its priorities. Instead, consumers seek out your videos for culinary inspiration and guidance. It’s possible to build an extensive audience for recipe videos either through your social media or a subscription service all of which can convert into increased sales for your products.

Who are your products aimed at? The busy person always on the go or the gourmet foodie with adventurous tastes who likes to entertain? Recipe videos are a great way to create high-value content. Short clips can be used to fire the imagination and get people seeking out more information.  If you’re all about great food, then recipe videos are a perfect way to help build your brand and strengthen customer loyalty.


Hospitality plays a vital role in the UK economy, and the statistics speak for themselves. In 2019 the hospitality sector contributed £59.3 billion in Gross Value Added to the UK economy which works out at around 3.0% of total UK economic output.

The industry supports just under 2.5 million jobs, representing almost 7% of overall UK employment. There’s so much going on in this vital sector and there’s plenty to shout about.

Whatever branch of food and hospitality you work in or promote, creating a supportive environment within the industry is all-important if the businesses within it are to thrive. Different sectors of the food, leisure and hospitality industry all make use of videos that showcase what the industry is all about.

They can be region or locality specific, highlighting the businesses in a particular area. They can promote similar businesses across the country and beyond or highlight an aspect of the work the industry does. Perhaps you’re looking to recruit ambitious new people to enter the sector and want to show what it’s all about.

Show new recruits the ropes and develop the staff you already have

Video is the perfect tool for staff training. You can create easy to follow videos that help new recruits quickly get up to speed and which aid the development of the staff you already have. Employees can access them in their own time or as part of structured training, perhaps having access to them whenever they need to remind themselves of particular information.


At Eight Engines, our experienced team of creative and technical experts can create bespoke video content for your food and hospitality business.  We take time to find out more about your business before developing ideas which we turn into exceptional video content.

Our award winning multidisciplinary agency creates stunning marketing videos that command attention.

Get in touch for a chat with one of our friendly producers and start your creative journey today.

Video can make a significant contribution to your marketing efforts and Facebook is one of the most dynamic ways to get your brand message across. Bringing the two together can create the perfect synergy for real marketing success. Facebook video production needs to be more than just a box ticking exercise, however. Perhaps more than any other kind of video production you need to be alert to a number of different factors, all of which have the potential to hinder or turbo-boost your marketing efforts.


While you can share any video or link on Facebook you’re much more likely to attract more viewers or even go viral if you create and optimise videos specifically for your chosen platform.


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