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Why video content marketing is so important

Why video content marketing is so important

It’s never been easier to create and disseminate your marketing message. Advances in technology have placed powerful marketing tools literally at the fingertips of businesses of all sizes. At the same time, this has resulted in a proliferation of marketing noise, with organisations looking for ways to capture shrinking attention spans.

In this digital age, content is key to business success, but you have to ensure that the content you create is compelling enough to be seen and heard. Video content marketing has emerged as the most dynamic tool for message communication available.

With social media platforms moving increasingly toward video content and video playing a growing role in SEO, there has never been a better time for businesses to develop a video content marketing strategy.

What is video content marketing, why is it such a powerful tool, and how can companies harness its potential to help them reach and grow their audience?

What is video content marketing and why do we need it?

There’s more to video content marketing than making videos. It involves the careful development of high quality video content targeted at the needs and aspirations of the chosen audience. It goes beyond traditional advertising by focusing on providing value to consumers rather than simply promoting a product or service. It cuts through the noise in a digital landscape where consumers are bombarded with advertisements and information on a daily basis.

Video content marketing provides a fresh approach and new perspectives, adding value to a brand and building loyalty among consumers. It gives businesses the opportunity to convey their message in a compelling and memorable way, making it easier to capture the attention of an audience and build a meaningful connection.

Video content marketing is increasingly becoming less of an optional add on and more of a necessity. Today, over half of all marketers say that video is the most valuable content type for achieving social media marketing goals.

Video is now being priortitised when it comes to SEO, with websites featuring video content more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results. Video content is flexible and can be infectious, allowing viewers to like and share.

The role of video content goes beyond social media and can be used right across your marketing channels. It can add depth and value to your website, helping to communicate your brand image and provide a deeper introduction to your business. It can also be used in email marketing where it can support your key message.

As growing numbers of businesses develop their video content marketing strategy it’s crucial that you don’t get left behind.

Why is video a powerful marketing tool?

Video stands out as a marketing tool for a range of reasons. It brings immediacy and life to your marketing message, appealing to multiple senses and making it more engaging than text or images alone. We are visual creatures and are naturally drawn to visual content. Using a range of tools, video can make an immediate impression on our emotions, as well as conveying complex ideas in a way that resonates.

Video content also has the ability to reach a wider audience across various platforms and devices. With the ubiquity of social media and the growth of video sharing platforms such as TikTok, businesses now have unprecedented opportunities to distribute their video content to potential customers wherever they are.

Video content has been shown to drive increased levels of engagement and interaction when compared to other forms of content. Consumers are increasingly more likely to watch a video than read text. They also spend more time on websites that feature video content, a key metric used by search engines when assessing the relevance of your content to users.

How effective is video content marketing?

There are a growing number of businesses that can point to the success at leveraging video content to achieving their marketing goals. Whether that’s been increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads, or boosting results, video content is delivering real benefits.

One of the main components of this effectiveness is its ability to convey information quickly and effectively. In a world where attention spans are shrinking, businesses can leverage video content marketing to communicate their key message in a concise, visually appealing manner. This gives them a substantially improved chance of capturing the viewer’s attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Video content  is now regularly being shown to increase conversion rates and drive purchasing behavior. According to a study by Wyzowl, 84% of consumers say that they have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand's video.  This incredible statistic serves to underline the highly persuasive power of video content when it comes to influencing consumer behaviours, building brand loyalty, and driving sales.

How is video marketing used in social media?

Most businesses developing a video content marketing strategy will envisage a key role for social media. This is because social media platforms have become a great leveller for businesses, enabling smaller companies to compete with their larger peers. They offer an unrivalled way for businesses to leverage the power of video to engage with their audience and build brand awareness.

From short-form videos on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, to longer form content on YouTube and Facebook, businesses now have a diverse range of options for reaching their target audience on social media.

One popular use of video marketing on social media is through storytelling. Businesses can use video to tell the story of their brand, showcase products or services, and make connections with their audience on a personal level.

Few people go into business purely to make money and are instead motivated by a range of factors such as passion for a product or a belief that a service could be improved. When people tell the stories behind their businesses, the values that motivate them, and what they hope to achieve beyond the bottom line, it can foster deeper connections with their followers.

How does video marketing increase brand awareness?

Video content marketing is one of the most effective tools available for increasing brand awareness. It gives businesses an amazing platform to showcase their personality, values, and unique selling points in a visually appealing and compelling way. When you create high-quality, engaging video content, you have the opportunity to capture the attention of your target audience and make a memorable impression.

Video content has a higher likelihood of being shared and spread virally across social media platforms. This helps to amplify brand visibility and reach. In fact, videos are shared 1,200% more times than links and text combined, making them an invaluable asset for building brand awareness.

Video content is also highly searchable, making it easy to discover. After Google, the world’s second largest search engine is YouTube. This means that when video content is optimised for relevant keywords and topics, businesses can significantly increase their chances of being discovered by potential customers. Video content is a powerful tool to build brand awareness through expanding your reach organically.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of video marketing?

Video content marketing can be a powerful tool for reaching new customers, increasing your brand awareness and developing customer loyalty. It has a range of benefits and key advantages for businesses of all sizes, with social media and other online platforms making it easier for smaller companies to compete with larger competitors.

Before you begin developing a video content marketing strategy it’s important to properly consider if video content is the right approach for your business.

What are the key advantages of video marketing and are there any disadvantages to consider?

The Advantages of Video Content Marketing

Increased engagement and interaction

Because it engages a range of senses, video content marketing can encourage greater interaction and engagement. The ability to like, share, and comment all increases customer engagement, ensuring that the algorithm works to place your content in front of more users.

Increased brand visibility and awareness

Extra engagement leads to increased visibility and a growing awareness of your brand. Video content is more memorable, supporting a stronger recognition of your brand and aiding recall. Well thought out video content can meet a range of different audience needs, helping to foster stronger brand awareness throughout a growing target audience.

Ability to convey complex information

Video content makes it possible to relate complex information in a visually appealing and concise way. If your product is new or perhaps difficult to grasp at first encounter, video content can provide a comprehensive introduction. Video content can also support your product, providing tips and how to guides that add value to your offer.

Improved search engine visibility

Adding video content to your social media feeds and website makes it more likely to be discovered by search engines. Video content encourages people to stay on your site for longer, a key metric used by search engines to determine the relevance of particular sites. By ensuring your video content is optimised for SEO you can improve your hit rate considerably.

Higher conversion rates and sales

Video content has an emotional appeal as well as providing people with the tangible information they need to make a decision. This drives increased conversion rates and sales, making video content marketing a valuable tool for growing your business.

Are there any disadvantages to video content marketing?

While video content marketing has a range of benefits, there are some potential drawbacks for some businesses that are worth considering.

Firstly, compared to written content, video content does have higher production costs. However, it’s important to view these within the context of increased sales and conversions. The investment in video content can be recouped over time, particularly if you have a strong video content marketing strategy in place. It’s also important to ensure that any strategy you develop has clearly set out guidelines for measuring return on investment as well as performance tracking metrics.

It’s also essential that your video content is well-produced, using high quality equipment for filming and editing, as well as technical expertise.

Working with a professional video content marketing production company can help ensure that you achieve your business objectives and maximise the return on investment.

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If you’re looking to harness the power of video content marketing, then the team at Eight Engines will give you the best platform on which to shine.

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