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Why your business should be producing YouTube content

Why your business should be producing YouTube content

YouTube is a modern media powerhouse. It has launched the careers of countless influencers and has supercharged the marketing strategy of thousands of businesses. It now has a staggering 2 billion users, is the world's third most visited website and its search facility is second only to Google in daily searches.

Video marketing campaigns can take on a life of their own on the platform, far exceeding the expectations of the business owner.  If you aren't using the platform alongside your other social media channels, you're missing out on an amazing opportunity to reach more customers.

Get it right, and YouTube marketing content can completely transform your business.

A viral marketing success

One of YouTube's biggest marketing successes is BlendTec who sell an advanced blender. BlendTec's founder Tom Dickson debuted on the platform in 2006 to promote his product and to prove that it could blend just about anything. His 'Will It Blend?' campaign almost immediately went viral, garnering an incredible 6 million views in just 6 days.

His slightly goofy videos featuring Dickson blending marbles, Apple products, glow sticks, magnets and many more unexpected items led to the founder being featured on prime-time US TV chat shows. The orders for his product went through the roof. Not bad for a marketing campaign that began with just 50 US Dollars!

A UK success story

Meanwhile in the UK, savvy use of YouTube marketing has propelled entrepreneur Yianni Charalambous into a TV star and friend of Premier League footballers. He now has an estimated worth of around 12 million US dollars. His celebrity car customising business is frequented by millionaires and billionaires, and his YouTube channel is a huge hit with petrolheads worldwide.

Combining boundless enthusiasm with his passion for upmarket cars, he has tapped into a huge market that shares his love of high-end vehicles. His Yiannimize channel now has more than 1.6 million subscribers and every new video is shared widely.

How to create your own YouTube success story

While the BlendTec and YianniMize success stories might seem extraordinary, they are in fact just the tip of the iceberg. Not every YouTube marketer is going to have the same kind of impact but there are thousands of companies of all sizes using the platform to add real value to their business. There's a whole host of reasons why your business should be joining them. Here’s five of them…

5 great reasons why your business should be on YouTube

Increased reach

With a truly incredible 2 billion users worldwide and a position as the most used search facility after Google, YouTube's potential reach is vast. 5 billion videos are watched online every day, which accounts for a third of all internet activity.  It's highly likely that your potential customers are using YouTube on practically a daily basis.

With a sound marketing strategy, the intelligent use of keywords and with a defined purpose to your video content, there's no reason why you can't have a real impact with an increased potential market. YouTube is in fact owned by Google and posting regularly on the platform will help you creep up the rankings.

Your customers are already looking for you on YouTube

While platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram might encourage mindless swiping as a distraction technique, YouTube tends to be visited by people who are looking for something specific. When there's an emergency in the home, people search out DIY videos. If they're looking for a recipe, they can find them on the platform. If they're looking for wedding outfit inspiration there's no shortage of YouTubers wanting to provide it.

The advantage this gives you as a marketer is the ability to step into the shoes of your  target audience. You can make it easy for your audience to find you by thinking about the questions they're asking, and how your product or service can provide the solution. Make your content engaging enough and they'll hit the subscribe button.

Videos are more popular online than text

It's estimated that within 2 years, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. That's a 15-times increase on what it was in 2017. Increasingly, if someone has a question they want answered they turn to YouTube. That's why 'How To...' videos proliferate on the platform and can be a great way to drive traffic to an external website.

Videos can make complex subjects easier to understand than text explanations. Information is more easily retained when it's delivered by a video compared to text. Because video is more effectively remembered and has greater initial impact, it's more likely to be shared.

YouTube videos convert

The YouTube algorithm is designed to help users find the right video to answer their question, and then to keep them watching. The increased traffic and engagement ultimately leads to conversion, and there's a growing body of marketing research to confirm what many businesses who use YouTube as a marketing channel have reported.

It's easy to get started and YouTube give you the tools to get people engaged

It's wrongly presumed by many businesses that compared to other social media channels, YouTube is more difficult to use. This couldn't be further from the truth. Opening your own YouTube channel takes a few minutes and by linking it to your website you immediately give your SEO a boost.  

YouTube as a platform also supports marketers like no other, providing helpful tools like playlists, cards and end screens to keep users engaged with your content.  It encourages your video viewers to become email subscribers. A percentage of these email subscribers will want to share your content and will ultimately become advocates for your brand.

Eight Engines can help you create compelling content for your YouTube channel

The benefits of using YouTube as a marketing tool are clear, but if your content doesn't engage your audience then it's unlikely to have the desired impact.

The creative team at Eight Engines can help you create compelling video content that builds an audience, encourages engagement, gets shared and helps to grow your business. Our Video Production expertise can give your content a professional edge.

Why not get in touch today to find out how we can help get you started?


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