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Aerial Filming: What can it do for business?

Aerial Filming: What can it do for business?

 It was not that long ago that mobile aerial filming was the preserve of companies and filmmakers with substantial budgets. To film from height took serious logistics, as well as access to a plane or helicopter. For most companies creating commercial videos, this wasn’t practical. Aerial film from video libraries could be used in commercial videos, but this was limited in scope and rarely matched your unique requirements.

With drone videography, it’s easy to capture unique and high-quality video footage. It’s also much more affordable. There’s no need to hire a helicopter, pilot and video crew to obtain truly jaw-dropping footage. Now, you can easily access unique aerial footage that helps your business stand out from the crowd.

Improved technology

Technological innovation means that drones are now able to shoot and capture full HD video footage. It can also record at 4k resolution, and sometimes even higher. This means that the footage a drone can give you is now of an incredibly high standard. This combination of quality and unique angles makes it a powerful tool for anyone who wants to create truly compelling commercial videos.

Unique footage

Drone videography can provide you with unique footage that can only be captured from height. It might be soaring shots over a beautiful landscape or a unique exploration of a cityscape. It could capture your business from above, perhaps with the height and angle changing to bring your premises into sharper focus. Drone filming also provides higher quality footage than was often the case with the old style of aerial filming.

Motion shots

If you’re hosting or filming an event where there’s likely to be lots of fast action, such as a sporting event or a large scale public event like a festival or parade, then a drone can get close to the action without getting in the way. It allows you to get closer than a photographer or camera operator can without being obtrusive, enabling you to capture live images from unique vantage points.

Panoramic Views

Aerial filming with drone technology can capture truly panoramic views of the landscape and urban environments. They can travel above a city showing it from a completely different perspective. They can fly directly into sunsets and sunrises and take sweeping shots of beautiful locations. This kind of footage can be incorporated into all kinds of commercial videos and can help to make the overall product much more compelling.

What kind of businesses can benefit from aerial filming?

With a bit of imagination, any kind of business could benefit from using aerial footage in their commercial video content. However, it may offer particular benefits for a range of leisure, sport and travel businesses.

If you want to promote your hotel or location, then what better way to do so than by using breathtaking footage of the area? If you’ve got that perfect place by the coast, then why not show off the glorious beaches nearby. Equally, if you sell mountain bikes, snowboards or other sporting equipment, why not show some dynamic footage of your products in action?


The beauty of drone video is that not only does it capture some truly unique footage, it can also be highly cost-effective. It doesn’t take a large crew or vast amounts of specialist equipment. It’s a real game-changer that makes it possible for businesses with limited budgets to capture the kind of footage that was once only accessible by movie makers and multinational companies.

At Eight Engines, we’re passionate when it comes to innovation and want to help our clients get beyond the old boring commercial videos of times past. We bring creative energy and experience to every project that we work upon, offering big production values and experience whatever your budget.

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