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Product highlight videos

Product highlight videos

Over the last few years video content has become increasingly important when it comes to online marketing. Search engines now prioritise video content, with video becoming the principal content accessed via mobile devices. With mobile devices now the primary means by which people go online, consume content and ultimately make purchases, it’s never been more important to create compelling video content to showcase your products and services.  

How do you create compelling content that not only illustrates what your product or service is all about, but manages to turn casual interest into a sale?

If you want your video to resonate it needs to be about more than just videoing your products. Dry descriptive details are unlikely to cut through, unless you’re selling a product to an audience that expects a high degree of technical information. Instead, it should focus on the problem that your product or service addresses, how it provides a solution, the experience the product or service offers and the bigger vision that you’re attempting to communicate.

Here we’ll take a look at a few examples of how you could be using video to introduce your products, services and overall experience to potential customers. 

Online retail

If you’re selling products online then video is a means by which to bring your products to life. Short descriptive videos can help bridge the gap between a product page or listing and the experience someone may have in a bricks and mortar store. It gives potential customers a better appreciation of what your products are all about and what it’s like to handle and use.

Your video should illustrate how your product can meet the customer’s needs, address any lingering concerns they might have about it, and turn their interest into a purchase. It’s easy to get online retail videos wrong, particularly if the tone and style of the video is at odds with the rest of your branding. Alternatively, your video might be overly dry and descriptive, in which case it may turn off potential customers.

Give your customers a video that gives them information, excites their interest and communicates what makes your brand unique. That way you’re more likely to turn casual browsers into customers.

Cafes and restaurants

There’s been a huge growth in the range, variety and number of places to eat out in our towns and cities over recent years. Making your cafe, restaurant or food business stand out from the crowd can be difficult. It’s not just about providing great food, although that’s obviously important. Increasingly, consumers are looking for an experience that will not only be delicious, but also memorable for all the right reasons.

What makes a restaurant visit memorable? Is it the ambience in the restaurant, the choice of decor, and customer service? Perhaps it’s a combination of all of these as well as some less immediately tangible factors such as location and the ethos behind the brand. Perhaps it’s the chance to finally sample the food of a chef they’ve heard about. People will travel considerable distances to try out a restaurant they’ve heard great things about.

When you’re creating a product video for your restaurant you need to think holistically about what your product is. It’s not just the food, so when you’re videoing products, that product can include your restaurant interior, a day in the life of your restaurant, interviews with your chefs, or visits to the suppliers where you source your food.

Running a restaurant or food business gives you a wealth of material with which to work when it comes to creating compelling video content and an audience who are ready and waiting for what you create.

Fabulous days out

More than ever people are valuing time spent as a family or with close friends. Enjoying fabulous days out and exciting new experiences are increasingly important as people are looking for what really matters in life. Companies offering great days out, new experiences and adventures are a growth market. Whether you’re aiming at the leisure or the corporate market, video is an essential component of any marketing strategy for a days-out or activities business.

Video content for days-out and activities businesses should try to capture something of the experience you’re offering. If you’re all about helping people to stretch themselves through physical activities and outdoor challenges then be sure to show people doing just that. Videos of people talking about their experience, how they faced their fears and did it anyway, and how good they felt about themselves afterwards, are great at encouraging engagement.

If you’re offering a family day out, show how your venue or destination does just that. What are the components that make a great day out and how do you provide them?  Peoples’ time and money are precious so getting them to commit to a day out at your venue can be a challenge. Identify what the key parts of your offer are and then communicate them in your video.

If you’ve a beautiful garden that offers a place to de-stress and feel calm, then your video introduction can illustrate that, perhaps taking a meditative ‘slow TV’ approach. If it’s all about family fun, then be sure to show how that’s provided as well as families enjoying themselves. 

Product highlight videos help your business stand out

It should be clear that product highlight videos are a powerful means by which to turn interest into a sale, a visit to your establishment or a booking for your event. It brings your product and service offer to life in a way that no other media can.

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Resources & Guides

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