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Polypipe: A Question of Regs

Polypipe: A Question of Regs


  • The Government have announced changes to Part L of the Building Regulations, in order to reduce carbon emissions from buildings.
  • Heating installers will soon need to be familiar with the new regulations and specifications, leading industry supplier Polypipe Building Products to launch a campaign providing information on the changes.
  • Alongside Polypipe’s PR firm, Refresh, we produced a video campaign based on a gameshow format which Polypipe have been able to share bitesize versions of on their socials, with the hero video sitting on their website’s knowledge hub.


Given that an update in building regulations is a fairly dry subject, it was important to devise a creative strategy which communicates the changes in an engaging manner. Additionally, the amount of changes was an issue, as they were too numerous to be memorable from watching a single video.


We always suggest that in a video you should be realistic about the amount of information you can expect the viewer to remember, so we devised a format for the videos based around the viewers coming out knowing four of the changes.

The Chase, Tipping Point, Taskmaster, Eggheads, Catchphrase. What does that say to you about UK TV game shows?
People like them, let’s make some more of them.

The concept we pitched was to produce a game show featuring three contestants and a host, with each learning point being its own round. The tasks in each round were tailored to be humorous while also reinforcing the key points of information. Additionally, in order to create a hook we created a forfeit for the loser of each task to do, ensuring the viewer would stick along to the end of the video.


As the format naturally structured the video into four rounds, we were able to provide shorter cuts for social media with each round being its own episode. This played a huge part in generating engagement and channeling viewers to Polypipe’s website.

Since the campaign launched we’ve seen some brilliant engagement figures from the campaign:

  • 120,330 views of video content
  • 3,869 organic social media engagements
  • 2,491 reactions on TikTok and Instagram and 4,860 impressions on YouTube.
  • 9% increase in average website session duration.
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